How To: Hair Rebonding Using Micro-Mist Machine

In this tutorial, we will cover the Keratin hair straightening process. This video was provided by Mrs. Rosa Bahrami. To join our classes and workshops, please contact us at 02188648707.


Greetings. I am Rosa Bahrami. I am the administration at Flamingo Beauty Center and Bahrami Hair Keratin Center. Today I am here to show you hair Keratin process in action.

I will explain the steps in a hair Keratin process. However, you should keep in mind that you should always recognize the type of hair before choosing the product to use. This includes the thickness, type, and nature of hair. You should pay attention to whether the hair is natural, decolored, dyed, or damaged and if the hair is damaged, you should know how much. You should consider all these factors before you could choose the right product for the process.

I have chosen a part of the hair where I will show you the process. We will was the hair using a Micro mist system, then perform ozone therapy, dry the hair and perform the Keratin treatment. We usually wash natural hair three times and wait five minutes after each wash. During the five minutes, you should massage the hair. We should start at the end of the hair shaft and massage the hair upward with rotational movements. We wash natural hair three times, dyed hair two times, and if it has damaged or bleached, only once. After washing the hair, we remove the water from the hair to a degree using a towel and then put the hair in the micro-mist system to perform ozone therapy.

Remember, to put the hair inside the micro-mist system, you should open the top cap and make sure there is no hair on the ring around the machine. Order the hair to the left and right of the ring so the micro-mist machine can perform the process successfully. On the operation plate, you can only operate the O3 option if there are no products on the hair. You can activate the O3 or Ozone option on the operation plate before applying the Keratin material to the hair. Turn off cooling, because it can only be used at the last phase of the process. Mist and Temperature gauges are set based on the thickness and level of damage to the hair. Choose a manual setting, set the time between eight to ten minutes. Press the red start button to start the process.

After Ozone therapy, you should dry the hair. If you want to straighten the hair using the Keratin material, you should dry the hair more. However, if you want to perform a restoration process using the Keratin material, you should dry the hair to fifty or seventy percent. Start applying the product to the hair and remember we will stop half an inch away from the root. Apply the material to different points on the hair layer. Brush the hair upward and then downward. To apply the product across all hair, you should start in the back of the head but since we are only working one part of the hair here, I started on the side. when the product, we should let it remain on the hair, which is twenty minutes for damaged hair, thirty minutes for dyed hair, and forty minutes for natural hair.

After the allotted time has passed, blow-dry the hair using cool, or hot air. This depends on whether you want to restore the hair or straighten it. Start ironing the hair. The basic ironing, where we work faster, is performed using ceramic plates. We perform the second phase using titanium plates, which will give the hair a beautiful shine. For the third stage, we use tourmaline stone plates, which is where we check the results as well. Keep in mind that the temperatures on the ironing device is very important and depends on whether the hair is damaged, bleached, dyed, or natural. If the hair is heavily damaged, we might skip the ironing process. Whether you can repeat the ironing process or not can differ based on the state of the hair.

After ironing, we put the hair back in the micro-mist machine and turn on the cooling option. If you do not have the micro-mist machine or can’t use it, let the hair cool for twenty minutes. After quarantine, wash the hair and blow-dry. I hope this video has been useful to you. To join our classes and workshops, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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