Eyebrow Shading Explained

In this video, we’re going to explain what eyebrow shading is and how it is done. This video is provided by Mrs. Narges Alipour from Iran Scalp institute


Greetings. I’m Narges Alipour from Rojelab.net and today I’m here with a tutorial on Eyebrow Shading.

Shading is like a permanent form of eyebrow liners or powder. It will have the same effect, only it’s a permanent cosmetic process. Stay with me to see this procedure up close.

Before we start to add the shades to the eyebrow, we have to design and test the symmetry of the eyebrows. This extra part of the brow will be removed later. From the edge of the nose, a straight line will tell you where the edge of the eyebrow should be. Pass through the edge of the nose and on top of the retina to determine the arch of the eyebrow. Use a coulisse ruler to determine the exact size of the brow so you can determine a better symmetrical value of the eyebrows. It depends on the client’s preference whether the crown is round or has an edge. For shading in the crown area of the eyebrow, you start by adding light dots and as you move inside the brow, the shades will get darker and the density increases, until the end of the brow where the shades reach the highest density and color.

Use your pinky to pull down on the eyelid and two fingers to pull the forehead for a better control over the process. The density of the points on the crown should be much less than on the edge of the brow. This method is called shading, and it looks very natural and beautiful. For people with old eyebrow tattoos or for those who can’t use hachures or Micro-blading, shading can be a good option.

In this process, you can use only one color and change the density of the points as you move from the crown towards the end of the eyebrow, or you can use three different colors. If you use different colors, the crown should be a lighter color, the arch a little darker, and the edge the darkest shade. You can work with three different shades of brown for example or as I said, change the density of the points.

A shade will look natural if we don’t add a line around the eyebrow. It should only consist of a discreet shadow inside the brow to give it some volume. The cartridge we use for shading can be a thin micro, but if you are a professional, you can also use ribbon micro. For shading, you can use a pigmentation cartridge or a micro-blading tool. Micro-blading has its own technics.

The difference between shading and old tattoos is that old tattoos were applied by going back and forth on the skin and caused bleeding which meant you were adding the color to the Dermis and Epidermis layer. This caused extensive damage to the Papilla and this is why people with old tattoos rarely have any hair on their eyebrow. However, in shading you apply the color between the Dermis and Epidermis layers which will stimulate the Papilla and can help hair growth. This means that not only will you get to add some volume to your eyebrow, you’re also getting a Micro-needling procedure done.

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