How To: Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Shading

The first and foremost thing to point out is that Phishading is entirely different from PhiBrows micro-blading techniques. This shading method is best for those having rather old tattoos on their eyebrows. Whereas, PhiBrows blading is exclusively performed for natural eyebrows.
To begin the process, first sanitize the brows properly. Then start mapping out the initial design and symmetry using the special ruler. Blend two or more differnt colours together to achieve a colour shade which best fits the colour of your client’s skin.
To learn more about this technique, watch the tutorial guide below. You can also attend the training courses provided by Ms. Hosna Ghaderi by dialing the phone numbers available.


Hello everyone, This is Hosna Ghaderi, the director of Ghaderi beauty salon. Today I'm here with a Phibrows shade item for you guys, so stay tuned. well, I need to make it clear that Phishading is entirely different than PhiBrows Microblading. It's specifically used for women with old tattoos on their brows. tattoos that are removed once but not faded completely. PhiBrows is merely applied in order to cover the flaws as well as providing a fuller look to the natural brows. whereas Phishading is exclusive to those with old tattoos. The very first thing to do is fully sanitize the treatment area. after sanitizing, it comes to making the necessary symmetries. We can use PhiBrows rulers or dividers, it makes no difference.

Well, I've placed the ruler on the face. I've positioned necessary marks with a double-headed surgical pen. make sure the outlines are fully symmetrical before beginning to work. the colour we will use for the treatment must fit the client's skin colour. We must also consider the skin type and the blood group. because it affects the durability of our treatment. We must use all disposable tools for this treatment. the areas must be perfectly sterilized and sanitized. and generally observe the principles involved. well, I've picked a colour based on the skin type and the blood group. I've blended two different PhiBrows colours using a micro-brush. now I'm gonna do a natural 2 PhiBrows technique. after creating the initial strokes, it's time for a colour mask. let it stay for approximately 3 minutes.

After creating the initial 3D main strokes. we'll create feathered strokes to fill the voids between the eyebrow strands. again go for a colour mask after feathered strokes. and for 3 minutes again. well, dear pals, I've now created the 3D and feathered stroke and applied the colour mask. and now here comes the shading. unlike previous techniques where we used micro-pigmentation tools for shading, here we'll do it with needles and dotting techniques. well, we're done with dotting and shading, I now just applied another 3 minute colour mask. Then, we'll go over the next eyebrow. well, I'm now all done with this Phishading item today. thanks a lot for watching us. To attend our training courses or receive any make-up treatment, please dial the numbers provided.

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