Blow Dry Your Hair With a Round Brush

In this video from Viona Beauty Series, we present the complete process of brushing and blow-drying hair.


One of the best ways for hair make up is using a blow dryer and straightening the hair
Before we start, we have to separate the hair into parts starting from the back of the head
Keep in mind that the layers of hair that you choose should not be too thick or too thin.

For long and medium hair length, it's better to use a big comb for ease of use
A clean hair makes it easier to blow dry the hair.

If the hair is damaged or too frizzy, you can use a two-phase conditioner
First, use the comb in a ninety-degree angle to brush the hair from below the batch until you reach the end of the batch
Do the same for the top of the hair batch
Keep going until you have done the same for all the separated parts of the hair until you reach the top of the head
Keep brushing until that batch is straightened.

For a better bob cut style, brush and blow dry the hair from the front in a ninety-degree angle and then brush it slightly upward.

We hope you have enjoyed this item of "Viona Beauty Series".

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