How To: Curling & Brushing The Hair

In this video, we will talk to you about a simple brushing method and curling using hair irons. This video was provided by Kimia Beauty Salon. To join our classes, please contact us at Kimia Beauty Salon, using the numbers provided in this video.


Greetings. I am Sepide Ebrahimi. I am a hairstyle expert from Kimia Beauty Salon. Today I want to show you a technique to style the hair using a brush. You can use this method for a simple professional brushing or to style the hair for chignons.

Today we are going to show you curly brushing which is required when a hair is curly or is styled previously to straighten the hair. If your client has straight hair like what you see here, you will not have to straighten the hair before, and you can continue right to brushing. We try not to put the area close to the roots inside the hair iron for a long time, because it can leave lines on the top of the hair. Section the hair into two parts in the front and then the back, which as you can see we have already finished.

Make sure you curl the two sides in the back towards each other. This way the hair will look much better when you are finished. Make sure you do not move the hair iron on the hair layer too fast, or too slow. This way you can make sure the hair is styled properly, and not burned during the process. Now work on the hair layer on the other half of the head. You should curl the layers on the opposite side towards each other so at the end you can have a nice style without spaces between the layers.

Make sure to straighten the hair in order to avoid having broken hair strands after Ironing. When you are done with the brushing process, you can take the layers on the side of the head and tie them from a point right under the crown to turn it into a simple open chignon. This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

To join our classes, please contact us at Kimia Beauty Salon, using the numbers provided in this video. Thank you for watching.

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