How To: Do a Fishtail Plait Style

To get started, brush the hair well so it’s free of any tangles. Separate a section from the side of the head and split it into two pieces. Keep going with grabbing more sections to do the plait as you will see in the tutorial.
Keep in mind that the thinner sections you separate, the more elaborate plait you will get in the end. Carry on plaiting the fishtail all the way down the hair sections.
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Hello everyone, I'm Anna Bahadori, Today I'm gonna show you how to do a fishtail plait. so keep watching us. To get started, brush the hair to be thoroughly smooth and without any tangles. and if the hair is too sparse, we can wave the whole hair. try to grab sections that are big enough to avoid slipping off the hands. I need to say that to do a fishtail plait, you can start dividing the hair from anywhere on the back of the head. you can start separating sections from either sides or from the middle. I'll start from the left side. grab a triangular section and divide it into two equal parts. you need to moisten the two fingers engaged in braiding the hair with gels or waxes. so that the hair won't tangle up and use a rat-tailed comb to remove the tangles if needed. separate one more part from the section on the right hand and cross it under the opposite hand. and do the same for the section on the left hand. and keep in mind to separate equal sizes of hair from each section.

This will help both to have a prettier plait and to avoid extra hair in the end. to go on plaiting, we should repeat the same step in separating another part with a little difference that we add a section from outside to the plait. so try to grab a section from outside and cross it under the opposite hand. keep doing this all the way down the section to get the plait into shape with an embossed feature on the surface. keep in mind to put the small sections in place before adding more hair from outside. This makes the plait stand out more. you can brush the hair layer under the plait to get it smooth and prepared for the plait to sit on it. brush the hair anywhere you see any tangles so you won't have to get your hands off the plait. one more thing to keep in mind is that you should hold onto the plait bottom with one thumb while you're twisting the hair. If we separate thinner sections of hair to twist for the plait, you will achieve a more delicate result in the end, meaning you'll have to put more time into your work.

Also bear in mind that if you wish to have a flat layer under the plait, you should start separating from the middle part of the head. but if you like the plait to begin from one side and run across the head to another, you can add sections of hair from the outside till the scalp. I'll remind you again that first twist the hair on the surface of the plait before adding more sections from the outside. as I already told that we can do this plait anywhere on the head with different divisions. you can tie a ponytail in the back for long hair, then do this plait on that ponytail. you can separate the hair sections according to your taste . and we can split the sections in small or big parts depending on the client's taste. but generally the smaller the sections, the prettier result we will get. well, I've done the plait all the way down the hair. This is all about this fishtail plait and I left a part of the head untouched, this is one of the plait styles suitable for women or girls with long hair.

In this style the plaited stripe sits on the ends of a layer in the back. and this is how a part of hair is left flat and untouched in this style. and ends of the flat section is attached to the fishtail plait. I do hope you've liked this plait style. If you are keen to learn different haircut styles, we suggest you to sign up for our instruction courses in Kimia beauty complex by contacting us through the available numbers.

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