Sculpting Gel Nails Step-by-Step

How to do a beautiful Gel Nail Polish. This tutorial is brought to you by Rokhsareh Pasebani Beauty Academy.



Today we are going to show you how to do a beautiful Gel Nail polish.

First, we have to do a dry manicure and then we have to get the nail ready for the gel nail polish. So we start by applying a soft buff. Be careful not to scratch the thin tissue on the nail surface, otherwise, air can get under the gel nail you’re going to apply later. After the buff, you have to scrub the nail with a brush to get rid of residue left from the buffing.

Next, we apply the anti-fungus polish which must be added and is a crucial step. After adding the anti-fungus, we start adding the base nail coating. This coating shouldn’t be applied outside the nail surface and shouldn’t touch your fingers, but be sure to apply it even to the tip of the nails.

A very thin layer of this polish will do. Put the hand under UV light for two minutes, and if you’re using an LED light, thirty seconds will do fine.

Now off to the parts where you have to apply the nail polish of your choosing. Apply a thin layer only. Apply the nail polish two or three times. Also, apply the nail polish to the tips of the fingernails.

Okay, at this point we have already applied the nail polish three times and put the hands under UV light for two minutes. Now for the last step, we have to apply a shining polish. After the shine, you can apply a special nail cleanser using a pad to get rid of the stickiness of the gel nail polish and then apply cuticle oil around the fingernails as a final touch.

I hope you have enjoyed this video. At Rokhsareh Pasebani beauty academy,
We will be happy to help you learn nail design and manicure from beginner to advanced.

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