How To: Chignon Style Using Hair Nets

In this chignon style the longer the hair is, the more elaborate result we will get. We’re gonna need a cone-shaped tool to help go through making this style. In the last step, we can use decorative studs to give our work a more attractive effect.
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Hello good day, I'm Arezoo Shafiee, the director of Shafiee beauty salon. There are several different techniques to do a chignon make-up. It includes doing it with prosthesis, wires, sticks or without pins or with nets which is the technique we're gonna use today. To get started in this technique, we'll divide the hair into three parts. It's gonna be the front part where there's a bangs cut, the crown part and the part in the back. we're gonna use three prosthesis in order to make the hair look thicker. be careful to use a prosthesis which is the same colour as the client's hair. It's the crown part of the head where we begin teasing the hair from. tease it well, then straighten the hair and apply the hairspray. and secure the section on the prosthesis which is on the front part using pins. place the sections we had previously teased into a net with pins. This chignonstyle mostly fits bushy long hairs. in case the client's hair is not long enough, we can use hair extensions.

Which we'll do the same as we did for natural hair, we'll tease it, apply the spray, put in into the net and secure it in place on the head. we'll use the long hair sections to make a design on the previous prosthesis. there are several means of designing the hair with nets depending on one's taste. as we are working an Arabic stylechignon today, we are trying to use the hair's length and waves for the design as much as possible. note that today my client is a kid with her natural hair colour. If we do it on highlighted hair, we will get a much prettier result after designing. now for the section we separated in the beginning, just like the previous sections we'll tease it, apply the fixator. place it into a net and design it to put on the prosthesis. now grab the section we separated in the bottom of the head, tease it well and get it prepared for designing the prosthesis. This chignonstyle is mostly used for tall women with rectangular faces.

You must be careful to put the pins tightly enough to increase the durability of the work. you should choose long bobby pins so that they go deep enough in the chignon to reach the prosthesis beneath. in this step, we'll go over the crown part which is for the bangs cut, tease it well. apply the fixator, just like the previous sections. use this hair section to design anywhere needed. We should tease this section harder than other parts so it becomes a bit stronger. our purpose of working on this part is volumize the prosthesis we had first placed. grab the whole section and straighten the upper layer with a brush. apply the fixator to make sure all the frizzes are removed. as this section lies on the highest part of the head, you need to be careful to place it on the exact center. If we don't take sufficient care during this step, it could result in distorting the client's face shape. now, to have an elaborate-looking make-up here.

We have to hold the sections by putting pins with a minimal pressure of hand. so it won't cause dispersed strands of hair in the make-up. now hold the hair with a gentle pressure to keep it standing out . and secure them in place with putting the pins one after another in a zigzag arrangement. tease the strand to be thicker in the middle, then put it into a net and use it for the design you wish to have on the chignon. as this client has an eyebrow length bangs cut. I wanna tease this section for the chignon and make a diagonal parting on the front. note that the teased hair on the front must be strong enough to hold the bangs cut on. tease the short hair on the front again and get it fixed with the spray. This chignonstyle is a good choice for occasions like engagement ceremonies. try to brush and shape the shorter strands along with the longer ones using the spray and your hands. We can also make this chignonstyle without using nets, but it requires particular techniques which you can learn by attending our instruction courses.

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