Vocational Russian Chignon

1- Divide the hair from one ear to the other, and in the back of the head at the bottom, we collect the hair in a ponytail.
2. Cover the hair around this ponytail.
3. Lower the hair of the ponytail without the use of substances and hair cream or spray.
4. Take a thin layer of hair from the ponytail and use the cold forming technique.
5- Use the metal pins and bring the hair to a rose bud.
6. At this stage, the hair must be dry.
7. Fill the hair layer and fix it as a natural rose in a steep, cone-shaped fashion with metal hairpins.
8- In this chignon, we can make 3 to 5 roses on the head.
9. Spray Shine Hair and make it look better.
10. Separate the layers. We continue to make roses created in leaf form and fix them with spray.
11. We apply shine hair spray to the front of the hair.
12. We rotate the front of the hair as much as we want it to be. We lay the layers together and spray it into the root part.
13. Separate a layer of hair and add it to the rope weaving and add other layers and fix it in the back.


Hi everyone! we are here with Rokhsare Pasebani for a chignon model.

I have done some parts before
I have divided the hair from ear to ear
create a ponytail on the back of the head downward.

Then bring the hair from both sides of the ears and cover them on the ponytail.

We are going to start, it is good to form the end of the hair by babyliss
but do not use any spray right now.

We take a thin layer
I want to use the cold straightener technique
so I use a metal clip as wide as what I want the hair to looklike.

We should be sure about the dryness of the hair
because if it is wet you cannot form it as you wish
both sides of the layer should be dry with the spray to look clean with no extra hair around
when the hair dried, remove the clip
turn the hair this way
use a metal clip here and we form a rosebud.

Form the hair in a steep shape, not like a cylinder
it should look as natural as possible
fix it with a metal clip.

We work on the rosebuds and we cover the rosebuds with the remaining hair from them
based on the hair volume we form 3 to 5 roses for this chignon
use shine spray
because it gives a cleaner look without extra short hair
by turning the hair and pulling some parts
cover the roses
I use metal clips
I separate the pulled hair this way to form better and again we do the same technique
I use the remaining hair from roses and form it like a leaf and go on this way
I remove the clips of the roses and I fix their end with pins as you see here
I try to spray and at the same time I pull the hair
it makes it easier to go on and it is also faster
it would be firm enough and very clean.

This part of hair is usually dry.

We can spray this hair and again start forming it.

We do the same for this side as well
the remaining hair from the roses is used again this way.

For the front part of the hair, we use the shine spray
I backcomb the roots a little.

We stick the layers as you see here and backcomb all together.

We use spray a little
only the root parts
straighten the hair
take a layer from the top
separate it into 2 parts
weave it like rope model and I add layers from the front to our weaving layer
when I reach the end of the hair
I continue weaving
take the hair a little loose and pull the hair this way, from the top.

Then, you fix this layer on the back of the head
from the beginning we spray.

We can work on forming the hair with spray and clip again
I hope you have enjoyed this video about chignon.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Rokhsare Pasebani Academy
with up to date techniques of chignon in the world.

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