How To: A New Chignon Technique

To begin making this hairstyle:
First separate the hair on the front side of the head from one ear to another. For this purpose you can take either the front or the sides of the head. Also divide the hair on the shell part from the bottom of the head and hold it tight using a hairgrip.

Try to tie the bottom part properly, cause that's where the process of chignon begins from.
A prosthesis is placed on the middle, which chignon sits on it.

We can also use hairspray to enhance the beauty of our chignon. To attend the make-up courses instructed by Ms Habibi, you just need to contact us via the provided numbers.


Greetings to dear followers of Chatre Gol academy. I wanna teach you how to divide wavy chignon. when twisting is over, start dying.

Greetings to every one of you dear audiences. I'm Parvaneh Habibi from Chatre Gol institute. Today we're gonna show you the chignon technique.

Divide the hair from one ear to the other. just like the way I've done it here. As you can see, the bottom part is held by a hairpin. We leave this part aside.

Now to this one. you can brush it back ( tease ) if you'd like. but for the mannequin's hair I can't tease further. now we tie this part using either a tie or a hairpin. I need this part of hair to be spread out ( scattered ) so I can work with it easily that's why I didn't tie the whole hair with a pin. If we use only one pin, the hair will be held all in one place.

This is a silicone prosthesis you can use a hair prosthesis or any other kind you'd like. as it will be thoroughly hidden under the hair.

I have separated the front part. again split in the middle into two parts. like this. first from here. We better apply a little powder volumizer to make the hair look thicker. Take this part. and brush it to the inside. By the way, it will look better if you make thick curls of hair. I'm not able to do it here since the mannequin's hair doesn't form curls. Anyway if you wish to curl it you must twist the hair to the inside.

Now twist this one around the other. and go on twisting like this. till it has a rope-shaped figure. We'll do the same on this side of the head too, but before we begin,. first we need to shape this part. draw the lines out. try to draw it in a way that it becomes thicker than the first piece and stands a bit higher.

Note that the hair wisps are drown from behind. they are the ones that we had twisted. Pull it out. use a bit of shining spray. Then the hair spray. We can also use pins to hold the hair. so that it forms more quickly. Now on the next wisp. apply the shining spray. hold it with one hand and use the hairspray with the other. Again the same technique is performed on this one. but with a minor difference that the hair is twisted to the opposite direction. the previous one was twisted from left to right but this one is twisted towards the head.

It will be way prettier with hair hanging from here. Again we'll do just as we did on the other side that is drawing the hair wisps. You can either attach them together this way or arrange the pins among the hair wisps to make it more visible.

At this stage, we should shape the chignon little by little. If we just keep drawing and spraying the hair, it won't get to shape. I wanna carry on doing this shaping till the end of the hair on this prosthesis.

Guys, as it is shown here again I'm doing the same technique on the bottom hair. Twist . and . as I'm holding the hair I'm drawing out these. Once we are done with pulling the lines, we begin using shining spray and hair spray which makes it more noticeable.

Dear fellows, we're finished with today's chignon. I do hope you've learned this useful and frequent technique well enough and enjoy using it for your needs. Our courses are available in both personal and group classes as well as semi-group classes. There is also special discounts on the classes on the occasion of the coming holy month of Ramadan.

. So start registering right now.

. Hope you can get into business with what you will learn from us.

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