How To: Decorative Dreadlocks For Plaited Hair

You can add colourful threads or rods to the end of plaited hair to achieve a decorated effect. In This tutorial, we’re gonna use dreadlocks to design the hair plaits.
After securing the plait in place with an elastic, cross the end of the dreadlock through the plaited hair on the beginning.
Below, you can watch a tutorial containing several models of applying dreadlocks.
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Hello everyone, I'm Anna Bahadori, a plait expert in Kimia beauty salon. Today I'm gonna show you a hair decoration technique using colourful threads called dreadlocks. I'll be glad to have you watching us. well, you can decorate the ends of every plait style with rods or colourful stripes or threads. here I got a pre-made dreadlocks and I wanna show you how to apply it to the hair. after doing the scalp plait, tighten the ends of it. hold the dreadlocks by the end and cross it through the plait using a tool such as a pin. grab the other end of the dreadlocks and cross it through the loop and twist it once or twice around itself. Then secure it in place. you can tighten it by pulling it on any point. This decorative stuff can be placed on loose or tied hair at the end of the plait. and runs all the way down the hair like this to give it a pretty look. a simple use of dreadlocks with colourful threads is that you grab a plain plait anywhere on the head. and tighten the beginning of the plaited hair with elastics.

And secure it in place. after doing that, take the colourful thread you have made. you can use several different colours to make the dreadlocks like the previous one we applied. you can also use colourful rods between the threads or put feathers at the end or pearl beads depending on your taste. I've already made two colourful threads and wanna show you how it's done. cross the thread at the beginning of the plait under the first row. you can use some tools to help it if you can't do it with your fingers. we'll do the exact same thing as we did for the previous dreads, try to form a loop and cross the thread through it to secure it place. after that we can either plait the two threads like we've done the hair or just twist the two of them around the plait together. you can do the second or spend more time twisting the threads around the plaited hair. and keep doing this till down the hair. To prevent the threads from sliding down on the hair, you can do a knot like the one we did at the beginning of the plait or just hold it with your thumb.

First I twisted the two colours together, now I wanna twist one single colour around the plait. This difference in colour arrangements makes the drealocks much more pretty. This may be a simple dreadlocks in the structure but what makes it look elaborate at the first sight. is the different colourful threads used and the rods which will be placed among the threads. I'll keep twisting till the end of the plaited hair. till the end of the plait which we first made to use as base. Dear followers of Rojelab website, thanks for watching us. To see more models of plaited hair with dreadlocks decorations, you can visit the Kimia beauty salon social media page. or contact us through the available numbers. see you later.

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