Highlighting Hair

In this tutorial, Mrs. Shafi’e is going to talk about highlighting hair.


Hello, I'm Anousha Shafi'e, and today we are going to talk about the highlighted coloring of hair using ValVar products. This type of dye is usually preferred by teenage girls who like to have their hair dyed, but only to a degree and not have a drastic change in color or ladies who have already decolored their hair with no damage and now would like to have a few lighter shades in their hair.

What you see here is called a Deco Cream. Deco creams are usually used for a slight or weaker decoloring. Due to the cream used in them, they are less damaging to the hair.

Since we have to use bleach in the open air, we are going to use less oxidation product with our deco cream. As you can see the final solution looks like paste and is more solid.

Usually, most deco creams, when being mixed in the formula, create a foaming effect but this one doesn't, and it's a positive feature of this product. As a test, we even wrapped a patch of hair with the deco cream and heated it for a while and still, there was absolutely no sign of foam in the product.

So keep in mind that In this technic the amount of our cream is proportionately more than our oxidation product. The oxidation product used here is a number 2 or 9% oxidant.

The brush we are going to use is a two-sided roller brush. We put the product on the brush. I should point out that the pot I'm using to mix the product is not a metal alloy. You should never use metallic pots or containers when working with hair coloring products. We can add the product to the brush like this. When putting the product on the brush, try to make it even across and If you don't have a roller brush, just use a regular plastic brush and put the product on it just like with the roller brush.

Now we divide the hair.

Separate a few centimeters of hair from behind the head. I should mention that if your customer asked for a very scarce highlighting effect, you can put less product on the brush Or even put the product on a smaller part of the brush and leave parts empty,
If they want a fuller highlight you can add the product across all the brush.

Hold the hair in your hand and start to brush the hair. It's better if you're not working with very long hair, but if you are, you will have to put more product on the brush to cover the whole batch of hair with formula. Now we move on to the next batch just like before, Separating the next batch of hair horizontally. Because the top of the hair is wider, I divided the batch into two parts. If your customer wants the highlight to start closer to the root, you will have to put the brush closer to the root to cover the area with the product. Same is true if you want to start the highlight farther from the root. Just start brushing farther away from the roots to achieve the effect. I should point out that this technic is not the same as a Meche hair coloring using foil and you will have to separate a thicker batch of hair.

Keep using the brush to apply the product on the hair. We can also use product numbers like 12.1 to achieve the least yellow color, or for ladies who would like to decolor their hair and then have a highlight, we can use decoloring powders with oxidant value of 1.

We cover the whole head with the same method and after we are done we rinse the hair. If you used a deco cream or decoloring powder, the hair will require toning, Though, if you use something like number 12 then no toning is required and the end product will be a beautiful and gentle honey colored highlight.

After we are done with the hair, we have to wash the hair thoroughly and dab the hair with a towel to dry the excess water. Next, we move on to toning.

Now the question is does toning affect the rest of the hair? The answer is absolutely not, since the hair is wet and a weak oxidant is applied for only a brief moment it will not affect the rest of the hair. Again we will have to separate the decolored batches of the hair and start the toning. For this purpose I used the Valvar products. A bit of mahogany, a bit of oak and a 6.20 which is a purple color, combined with a weak oxidant. After the toning, we washed the hair.

And finally, we used a Valvar hair mask and conditioner.

This Daphne color mix is very viral these days which I presented to you here. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you'd like to sign up for our makeup and classes or purchasing Valvar products, call us with the numbers presented below.

This has been great, and I'll see you in the next tutorials.


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