How To: PhiBrows Eyebrow Hachure

In this tutorial, we will show you a micro-blading process using the PhiBrows method. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Maryam Sadough. To join our classes, please contact us at 09122441371.


Greetings. I am Maryam Sadough. I am a micro-pigmentation and micro-blading expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about eyebrows micro-blading using the PhiBrows method from

In the beginning, it is much better to start drawing the lines at the crown of the eyebrows. Then the transition line, the spine line, lower strokes, and at last the upper strokes should be drawn in that order. It is much better to redraw each line once or twice in the beginning. A very important point to remember is that, if you are going to redraw the strokes, you should follow the same line exactly and under no circumstances should you make a new stroke on the side of the previous one.

After making the strokes, we will apply some ink on the area and wait three to four minutes. For this method of hachure, it is recommended to avoid dyeing your eyebrows ten days before the process to avoid making the skin sensitive. It is important to choose a color according to the natural hair or eyebrowcolor of the client. We usually avoid using light colors in a PhiBrows micro-blading procedure, because it will limit the durability of the hachures and the strokes may disappear before the restoration date.

After applying the ink on the eyebrows and waiting for the allotted time, you must use anesthetic material. It is much better if you avoid using anesthetics before the process because it can limit the ability of the skin to absorb the pigments and it can make the skin more sensitive. It is much better if we wait for the first phase of the work to end and then apply the anesthetic. After removing the ink and then the anesthetic material, you can check the strokes and if you need to, you can redraw them again. Besides redrawing the previous lines, you should now draw the lower strokes, which are the secondary strokes. These lines move toward the spine line and hence are called lower spine line strokes.

Next, we can create the upper strokes, which make the arch and tail of the eyebrow and will finish our micro-blading process. We will draw our upper strokes depending on the eyebrow. One eyebrow might need two or three upper strokes and another a few more. It all depends on the thickness of the eyebrow. For this eyebrow, we used many lower and upper strokes to make it look more natural and add more volume. For the second stage, we will apply the ink on the eyebrow again and let it remain for three to four minutes before wiping the area again.

In this method, the strokes should be twice as thick as the natural hair on the eyebrows. This way the strokes will be visible after washing and healing. Thin strokes have a short life cycle and disappear quickly. We will apply the ink again, wait for three to four minutes and then we can draw the strokes for the third and final phase after wiping the ink. The third step of the process is re-applying the strokes again. We will compare the two eyebrows together to make sure the eyebrows are similar in color. After this, it is much better if we apply the ink on the eyebrows one last time before finishing the process.

How many times you need to redraw the strokes or apply the ink on the eyebrows before the hachures are bold enough depends largely on the type of the skin you are working on. For some people, you might go through this process twice and reach the desired effect and for other cases, you might need to do the same thing four or five times. This depends on the skin type. It is much better if we do not use this method for very oily skin, because we will not reach the desired result. Dry and normal skin types usually react better to this method.

After the process is finished, you can clean the area using oil-based creams such as Vaseline. You can do the same in the middle of the process as well. This can help stop the bleeding if there is any or help subside any possible irritations in the area. You can also use distilled water to clean the area during the process as well. To maintain a micro-blade be it using the PhiBrows method or any other method, you should avoid taking hot showers for at least 24 hours after the process. During the first day, before each application of the special cream, you should wash the eyebrow casually and then dab it with a piece of cotton or something similar. It is recommended to apply the ointment four times a day for four days. Avoid using makeup for at least ten to twelve days after the procedure. It is also a good practice to avoid steam rooms and pools for the period before the restoration.

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