Vocational Micro-blading Video

Micro-blading with Phibrows techniques
1- In the first step, draw the stroke of the head of the eyebrows.
2- Each line should be drawn from 1 to 2 times.
3. After the stroke is drawn on the head of the eyebrow. It is given a color shock.
4- Color shock should be done for 3 to 4 minutes and then use anesthesia.
5. The important thing is that you should not dye your eyebrows about 10 days before micro-blading.
6. Eyebrow tattoo color should be selected according to the color of the hair of the head or the hair of the eyebrow. The eyebrow tattoo color should not be too bright.
7- In the second stage, the lower strokes are drawn. These lines are arranged in the eyebrow head and tail.
8. To determine the number of strokes, the thickness of eyebrows should be considered, whether narrow or wide.
9. We leave the color at this stage for 3 to 4 minutes.
10. Strokes should be twice thicker than the natural hair eyebrows. Otherwise, the tattoo gets pale.
11. In the third step, we check both the eyebrows whether they are in same color or symmetrical to each other.
12. After the strokes are done, we give another color shock. The number of the strokes and the color of the tattoo depend on the skin type of the client.
13. Some types of skin require two steps, and some require 4 steps.
14. Very oily skin is not suitable for micro-blading but dry and normal skins are suitable.
15. For aftercare, you should not take a hot water bath for up to 24 hours. You should not go to the sauna and swimming pool.
16. Eyebrows should be oily 4 times a day for 4 days.
17. do not put on makeup for 10 to 12 days.


This is Maryam Sadugh, an expert in Micro-pigmentation
with certification of vocational organization and also the expert in Micro-blading
with certification of Europe Phibrows academy.

Today, we work on Micro-blading with Phibrows method from Rojelab
in the first step, we make the strokes of the head of the eyebrow and we draw the transition lines in the eyebrow and also you can draw lower and upper strokes of the eyebrows
in the first step, it is better each line to be redone again to have a better result
remember redoing the stroke lines should be done exactly on the lines not beside them
after all the strokes were done in the first step.

We use the color.

We wait for 3 to 4 minutes
the main point for micro-blading is that
it is better not to dye your eyebrows 10 days before micro-blading
because it makes the skin sensitive
it is important that you choose the same color of the natural hair in the eyebrows for pigmentation
all in all, in phibrows micro-blading, we do not use bright colors
because bright and light colors won`t last and it might be removed
another point is that after we used color
after we cleaned it.

We should use Anesthetic
before that, it is not a good idea to use anesthetic because
it will affect the coloring and it will make the skin sensitive
so it is better not to use Anesthetic before coloring
let the first step be done.

Then use Anesthetic
in the second step, after we clean the color.

If the strokes needed to be redone we would do it again
besides, we start with lower strokes
so we work on the second strokes
which we call it lower stroke spine
lower strokes come toward the spine part
because of this, we call it lower stroke spine
after that, we work on upper strokes
upper strokes are the lines of the upper part of eyebrows
the head and tail of the eyebrows should be done in order.

We draw upper stroke spine
some eyebrows can be completed by two or three strokes and some others depending on the shape of the eyebrows
whether wide or narrow.

For this eyebrow, we use more lines of upper strokes and also we use more lines of lower strokes
in order to look more natural
again we use color in the second step.

We put the color 3 to 4 minutes on the skin
in this method, each stroke should be twice thicker than a single hair in the eyebrow
because after we clean the eyebrow
the strokes should be remained and appeared well.

If the strokes are pale or thin, they won`t remain or last well.

We color it and give it 3-5 minutes
after that, we clean it and
start the third step or final step
the third step is renewing the strokes
I mean we check them completely
to see whether the eyebrows are symmetrical, same colors
in general, after we renew the strokes if needed, we give a color shock again and complete the job
but there is an important point.

If we color the strokes deeply in the first step, second or even third
it would depend on the skin type.

For some eyebrows, we may have to do it in two steps.

For some others, we may have to do it in 4 steps
so it depends on the skin type
it is better not to do it for oily skins
because you will not get a good result
dry and normal skin types have better results
when the job is done and we give it a color shock.

We clean everything with vaseline
in the middle of the job also you can clean with vaseline.

If any bleeding happens
or if the skin inflammation happens.

Because vaseline prevents bleeding and inflammation
or you can use distilled water for cleaning
aftercare actions are important in micro-blading
do not take shower in 24 hours
especially hot shower
steam shower
on day 1, clean the eyebrows with normal water and then dry it by taping cotton ball after that apply sandy cream
4 times a day the eyebrows should be oily
within 4 days
only on the first day, you should make them oily after each time washing the eyebrows
do not put on makeup on the eyebrows for 12 days
do not go to the swimming pool, sauna or spa.

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