Beautiful Side Braid

In this tutorial, you’ll see the steps to a beautiful side braid.


Greetings. I’m Neda from Noghre Negar Beauty Institute.

Today we’re here to show you a new side braid. For this model, we’re going to separate a batch of hair from the side. Use a hairband to wrap the hair. Put this part aside, pick another layer and close this batch with a hairband as well.

Bring the batches back to their place and separate the top batch into two parts. Take another layer from below the two batches. Put them together and add another hairband after forming them like this. Again, separate the batch on top into two parts and add a hairband under the batch. Again, the upper batch is separated into two parts put behind the previous layer with a hairband. Keep doing this until the end.

This is the finished work of our side braid. You can do this on both sides if you like. It’s even possible to do this on the back of the hair as well. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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