Mesotherapy Explained

In this tutorial, we talk to you about Mesotherapy. This video was provided by Mrs. Elham Vajdi.


Greetings. I am Dr. Elham Vajdi. I am a medical expert in the field of skincare and cosmetics. Today I want to talk to you about Mesotherapy and micro-needling. Mesotherapy is a name that you must have heard recently and I want you to tell you a few things about it.

Mesotherapy is a technique used to inject medical or cosmetic medicine to a specific area of skin types of treatment. Mesotherapy is often used in skin cosmetics, but it can have many other uses as well. In Mesotherapy, we inject the medicine exactly to the area where we want to apply a treatment or increase the quality of skin or tissue. There are different types of Mesotherapy. You can use mesotherapy methods in cosmetics to reach different goals such as to slow aging, fight wrinkles, to treat spots, to treat the dark rings around the eyes, and even to increase hair growth. Mesotherapy can also be used to reduce fat in different areas of the skin with cellulite concentration.

Mesotherapy is a medical injection procedure and must always and under every circumstance be done by a trained and certified physician. It is important to note that all the phases of this process should take place inside a clinic, overseen by a medical expert. Avoid going through such procedures in any other places because it can have terrible consequences. In general, any procedure during which there is bleeding or use of needles should be overseen and performed by medical experts since otherwise, there is a high risk of different types of diseases and if the process is not performed correctly, it could damage your health.

During micro-needling, a layer on the surface of the skin is removed and there could be plasma discharge in the area. This procedure should be performed by a doctor as well. This is why it is very important to go through these procedures only in medical clinics and centers. A mesotherapy procedure might take four to six sessions from start to finish. Although the number of sessions could change based on the type of medicine used for the therapy. After the initial process, like any other anti-aging procedures, you should take steps to maintain the results.

You might need to refer to your physician each eight to twelve months to perform the process again. Something that concerns many of our clients and women in general, is the dark rings around the eyes. Mesotherapy can help effectively resolve this issue. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that dark rings around the eyes can have genetic causes and be heightened by Anemia, lack of sleep, Thyroid deficiencies, and other factors. Therefore, the correct way is to solve the underlying cause and then try to use mesotherapy to resolve the effects.

Using nourishing drugs or supplements exactly around or on the area close to the hair follicles can enhance and reinforce the hair, increase hair growth, reduce hair fall, and improve the thickness of your hair. In an anti-aging mesotherapy, we can achieve what other methods might take months to achieve, in a short time and you will see the results much faster. You might be asking how mesotherapy is actually performed. Mesotherapy is a series of small, but numerous injections in the area where you want to treat a problem. Because of the numerous injections, the client must avoid using the usual makeup or creams for 24 hours after the process. The client should take special care of their skin for 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. After this time, you could use your makeup and beauty products as well as using sunscreens.

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