How To: Two Different Eyeshadow Styles

In this tutorial, we showed you two different types of eyeshadow. This tutorial was provided by Rokhsare Pasebani Beauty Academy.


Greetings. Today I am here with two different techniques for eye makeups from Rokhsare Pasebani Beauty Academy. As I have said, we want to apply two different types of eye makeup for our model based on the natural look of her eyes. As you know, for eye makeup, you should first design the eyebrows, and then you can work on the eyes.

To design the eyebrows, we will use a tilted brush. Since the eyebrows are very untouched and natural, we will start with a powder shadow material. We will use a very little amount of material to fill the eyebrows because we do not need to make them look too dark. We will form the eyebrows a little using our powder. We should never apply the same method and amount of material across the whole eyebrows. We can draw a few hachures on the crown of the eyebrows. The more we move to the tail, the material gets darker.

To continue the work, we will use eyebrow gel in a limited way, since our model has full eyebrows. This concludes our work on the eyebrows. Now we can apply the primer for the eyes and they the eyeshadow. We will use a concealer behind the eyes. This is a good method because it makes working with eyeshadows, fading them and placing them correctly easier. We will apply the concealer using the right brush and then fade it using a pad. After fading it, we can use some fixing powder to dry the area. You can use a colorless fixing powder or one with color.

I am using a colored fixing powder here, which contains a bit of yellow. It should be completely dry to avoid making lines on the eyeshadow. To apply the eyeshadow, we should use a flat brush to apply the makeup where we want it. Always start with a light shade. We should never start with a dark shade at once. Adding the shades from light to dark gradually makes the makeup look much better. Use a fading brush to fade the eyeshadow on the area. To fade the eyeshadow, move the brush back and forth on the area until the shadow is completely faded.

In this method of makeup, we use different shades to separate the eyelids from the area under the eyebrows and since this type of makeup is popular today, I decided to use it in this tutorial. Now use a darker shade from the same family of colors. Fade it again. Apply a darker shade again. Now fade it again. To separate the eyelid from the area under the eyebrow, we can use a shade with a bony color and apply it on the eyelid. You can achieve the same thing using a concealer. First, apply your concealer on the area, fade it using a proper brush, and then apply your eyeshadow of choice. We could have done this, but it does not make a difference and it depends on what you prefer.

We can use the darkest shade of this color spectrum on our palette to apply a darker shade to the outer corner of the eyelid and then fade it. We can use shiny eyeshadow as well. Now that we are finished fading the eyeshadow, we can move on to the eyelashes. We can use single false lashes or unified false lashes, but we usually use single false lashes if we want to change the way the eyes look and make them look longer or round. I am going to use individual false lashes here because I think the result will look much better. We can ask our model to close her eyes to make our job easier. Smear the end of the individual false lash in glue and attach it to the eyelash.

We use long false lashes at the outer corner of the eyelash because we want to style the eyes a little longer. We use gel eyeliners for the eyeliner. Pull the eyelid upward using your hand. We use this so we can draw the eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible and then draw the eyeliner. Based on the type of eyeshadow we applied, we can draw our eyeliner a little further out the edge of the eye. We ask our model to open her eyes after, so we can see the result. As you can see, we can continue the eyeliner a little further. We will use a number zero brush to draw the gel eyeliner. It is common to use this brush. We almost have what we want. I will just tweak it a little bit to make it better. After the eyeliner, we should apply the eyeshadow below the eyes, which is very important when it comes to forming the eyes. We will use a pencil eyeliner to tweak the eyeliner further.

When the eyeliner is finished, we can apply the eyeshadow below the eyes, which is very important when it comes to styling the eyes. Let’s apply the eyeshadow under the eyelids. Never use the darkest color in your palette in the beginning. Start with a lighter color and move to a darker one. If you use a dark shade in the beginning, it will make the eyes look sagged. We can use a darker shade after the lighter one, wherever we want to make the eyes look longer. I will use a dark shade on the outer edge of the lower eyelids. This will make the eyes look longer. I will fade the shades using another brush. Now we can use a highlighter or a shiny eyeshadow for the inner edge of the eye. I will use a clean brush to apply the shiny shadow. We will use mascara at the end.

We can now start designing the eyebrows for the other eye. We will use our powder shadow first. We want to design the eyebrow a little lighter compared to the other one. Now we can use an eyebrow pencil for the rest of the process. Now we can use a marker to get the color we need. We can use a concealer to clean the eyebrow. I will use an eyebrow mascara as well to change the color of the eyebrow. After designing the eyebrows, we can start applying our concealer, fading it and then fixing it as we did for the other eye. We will use a red oak color for the eyeshadow. We will use a suitable brush to blend it.

We will use a darker color for the outer and inner edges of the eye. This color is called slick. Before applying our shiny eyeshadow, we have to apply concealer to the center of the eyelid. Now we have to fade the concealer using a pad of a brush. Now we can apply our shiny eyeshadow in the area. I want to use brown eyeliner to go with this eyeshadow. We have finished the eyeliner and we can continue with applying the eyeshadow under the eyes.

Our eyeshadows are finished. You can use either one based on what your client prefers.

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