Eyeliner & Eyelash Pigmentation Combo

In this tutorial, you are going to see how and eyeliner and an eyelash pigmentation is applied to eyes to make them look bigger. This video is provided by Mrs. Narger Alipour from Iran Scalp micro-pigmentation center.


Greetings. I’m Narges Alipour. Today I want to show you an eyelash and eyeliner pigmentation.

As you might know, pigmentation has applications in both cosmetic and medical procedures. It can be used for permanent makeups or to cover imperfections or deformities. Permanent makeup is mostly applicable to women, while medical procedures are mostly done on men. In men, it could be used to cover bald spots or to cover eyebrow deformities. It’s also practical to use for covering Vitiligo. Pigmentation can be used in all these cases.

Here I want to talk about eyelash and eyeliners using pigmentation. The same as with temporary makeup, you can choose from a spectrum of different colors for your pigmentation. You can choose the right color based on your client’s preference and their eye color. Our model is a girl with light eyes. For the lower eyelash, I’ve chosen a brown color, and the eyeliner is going to be black. Brown can make the eyes look bigger. Please stay tuned for the rest of the tutorial.

Since my model has a light eye color, I’m going to apply a brown pigmentation and then a black one. This will make the eyes look bigger. The best cartridge choice here is a micro 3 cartridge. You should move your hand back and forth gently and with precision. Never use ice anesthetics for this type of procedure. These anesthetics are very powerful and can damage the eye and you might end up hurting the client. This is where the eyelash line begins. You should be working in this area. Gently with a back and forth movement. If enough attention is paid to the technic and details, you can be sure the client won’t be uncomfortable.

Work back and forth on the outer half of the eye. For the other side, only work in one direction towards the inner edge of the eye.

Our work is done here using brown color. We should add a very thin eyeliner also with a black ink. This will make the eyes look bigger. To provide aftercare, try not to wash your eyes with water for two days, and apply vitamin A ointments at least once a day. Don’t use too much cream or oil, because it will cause a color diffusion.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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