How To: Part Light Technique

In this tutorial, we provide an overview of the part light method using Val var material. This video was provided by Mrs. Anousha Shafi’e.


Greetings. I am Anousha Shafi’e. In this video, I want to talk to you about a technique called part light. As you can see in social media, fantasy hairstyles are the fashion of the day. We can use the part light technique on the top of the head, back of the head, or on the side of the ears for women with short haircuts.

Separate the part of the hair where you want to use this technique and bleach the hair. I have bleached the bangs before the video and now I want to apply a fantasy dye from Val var products with number 7.66, which is a beautiful red color. If you want to protect the rest of the hair from bleach, you can apply some water to the hair to make it damp and then attack foam wraps to those hair layers to protect them.

After reaching the appropriate level of bleach, you can rinse the hair and apply your dye. Since I want to apply the dye to the top of the hair, I will stand in front of the model and start the process. To have a red dye, it is better to bleach the hair to a high level, because if red is mixed with yellow, it will give you orange color. So it is always recommended to decolor the hair to a high level if you want to dye the hair red. However, if you want to apply the dye to natural hair, you should not have a problem.

I will continue dyeing the hair. I have mixed my color with oxidant number one from Val var. This is because after bleach and during the dyeing process, the hair is usually weak and you do not need to use a powerful oxidant. As I told you before, we can perform this process on the lower layers of hair and skip the top and bangs or the hair on the side. When the dyed hair is mixed with the rest of the hair, you will get a beautiful fantasy highlight. As you can see, I used a red-hot color, number 7.66, from Val var for this hair. You can use this color in a mixture with peach, rose gold, and many other colors.

The benefit of this technique as you can see is that the layers underneath the surface are a different color. I have tried to implement the different colors from Val var catalog on this hair although there is some synthetic hair mixed on the sample hair, you can still see how the results look. If you implement this technique on the top of the head, the hair will cover the surface completely and you cannot see the colors underneath. However, if you separate the hair in the middle section, you can see how different layers have different colors. I have used gray, oak, honey, mahogany, and many other colors from the Val var catalog so you can see the result and use them in your color mix.

I used a purple color on the side of the ear from the 2018 catalog and I hope you like it. In galaxy styles, we used to use dyeing shampoo or dyeing powders. These products usually last a short time and can damage the hair as well. Nevertheless, you can minimize the damage if you use natural colors or Val var products and it will increase the durability of the dye. If you want to reduce the orange color tone from this dye, you have to bleach the hair to a higher level.

For a galaxy dye, you can start separating the hair layer by layer and apply different colors and use foam wraps to separate the hair layers from each other. We will continue this process, apply different dye colors to our hair, wrap them in foam, and after the allotted time we can rinse them. With this technique, you can dye your hair in many different colors. In this video, I tried to show you the different colors provided in Val var’s color catalog. I hope you can use them and enjoy as much as I do.

If you are interested in joining our classes, we provide public classes for professionals, semi-public classes for those looking to enhance their skills, and private classes for beginners. To order Val var products or to sign up for our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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