Pixie Cut Step-by-Step

In this tutorial from Rojelab.net, we show you how to perform a Pixie haircut. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Parvaneh Habibi. To join our classes, please contact us at 09122469081.


Greetings. I’m Parvaneh Habibi and today I want to show you how to cut hair.

Divide the hair behind the head into two parts. Start cutting the hair from here. Cut the hair starting at the growth line and is used as our guide. Cut the hair in a ninety-degree angle. Keep going like this until you reach the top for this side of the head. When this part is done, we have to repeat the exact same process on this side.

When both sides are done like this, we have to cut around the head. Leave away a square-shaped batch of hair. The sides should be cut as short as the back. Use the hair in the back as a guide and cut the hair on the side. Do the same for the other side. Use a razor brush to shear the hair a little. We perform the same routine on the other side and then move to the top.

Now for the part we put away. Start by separating thin layers. These parts must be cut a little longer. Use a razor brush to form the hair. This part should be longer. The hair on the top of the head should be long overall. For the next layer, use the previous cut as a guide. You can do the same using a scissor. Hold the layers and pull them down and use the scissors to cut the hair. The important point is to pull the hair downward because we want these parts to be longer. Don’t pull the hair upward. After cutting this part, we have to move to the front.

The bangs can be brushed to the side. Use a razor brush and cut diagonally. This side is cut longer also, like the top. We’re not going to cut the bangs too short. You can also use a scissor-like this to mix the haircut. The pixie haircut is famous and viral right now. Most women, who want to look younger, prefer this haircut. Keep checking and cutting the hair like this.

After the cut is over, use a hair cream to form, brush and design the hair. Use the scissors on the other side also. Use the scissors from the top to the bottom diagonally like this. This will look much better and is much easier to do on actual hair since the hair on the model’s head is not natural hair.

Use a hair cream to form the hair and design it. You can also use a styling spray. This part can be longer.

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