How To: Protecting Dyed Hair

In this tutorial, we introduce you to a few Fulica products that you can use for dyed hair.


Greetings from Today I want to talk to you about maintaining bleached and dyed hair. I hope this video provides you with some useful information.

Fortunately, these days most people are aware that besides the material used by amateurs or professionals at home or in salons, they need to use other material to protect and nourish their hair, based on their hair type and the type of process they have gone through. If you forego the required maintenance for your hair, it can cause different types of diseases or probleMs. These problems or diseases can include hair leprosy, dryness, and fragility of hair, loss of hair strands, and hair roots. These problems have different causes, but for this tutorial, we will mostly talk about the external causes that could affect the hair strand. The damage we are talking about today stems mainly from the constant use of hair products, which makes the hair matte, fragile and can destroy the hair roots. To solve this issue and provide our hair with optimum protection, so we can still use dyes and highlights on our hair, is to use Fulica hair product and specifically Fulica’s dyed hair shampoo.

Using this product can help you regain the lost health and vitality for your hair. It is important to note that this product contains B5 and B6 vitamins, which can protect the dye and nourish the hair structure. You can use Fulica’s shampoo for dyed hair three to four times a week without problems. To use this shampoo apply enough product to your hair and massage the hair gently. Then rinse the hair after two minutes. You can repeat the process if you like.

Another great product I want to introduce to you is Fulica’s conditioner for dyed hair. This product will form a protective layer on the hair strands, which will give you a shiny, thick hair and removes the tangles, making the hair look beautiful and healthy. To use this product you should apply it right after using Fulica’s shampoo for dyed hair. After rinsing the hair after using the shampoo, apply the conditioner on hair strands and not the root and rinse the hair after two minutes.

To protect the hair further, we can use Fulica’s hair mask for dyed hair. With SPF 20, this product can help your hair dye last longer and keep it shiny. This product nourishes the hair structure and prevents hair leprosy. It will also make the hair softer and healthier. To use Fulica’s hair mask for dyed hair, apply it on dry or damp hair, using your finger and starting from the root toward the hair stem. The style your hair however you like. I hope you can enjoy Fulica’s products as much as I have.

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