How To: Nano PhiBrows Step By Step Tutorial

Nano-PhiBrows is a new procedure which combines the traditional techniques of Micro-blading with Micro-pigmentation. This method provides the clients with an amazing fineness in work while having a long-lasting intensity of colour.
The technique uses extremely tiny needles, resulting in delicate hair-like strokes. Below, you can see a full instruction of the procedure by Ms. Darya Hussaini, a professional master of PhiBrows academy.

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Hello everyone, I'm Darya Hussaini, a member of PhiBrows academy and a vocational instructor. Today, we're gonna talk about Nano PhiBrows. one fact that we are facing nowadays is that everyone likes to achieve PhiBrow's fineness in work while having a 6 to 12 months durability. Nano PhiBrows is,in fact, a procedure which combines blading with pigmentation. It uses much tinier needles and we are able to get both pigmentation's durability and blading's delicacy in our treatment. actually the thicker and darker the hacure is, the more durable would be the outcome. This can be achieved using this combined procedure without having to put thick strokes. So keep watching us to see how this Nano PhiBrows is performed. This tool is called a divider which helps us to map out the brows outlines for a design based on the face shape. the design is made based on the face shape and the π number.

I'm gonna put an Arabic girlish style make-up on this face. that leaves us with a natural looking eyebrow, plus we won't pluck the brows in this style to keep the girlish figure of it. Don't forget to consult with the client before beginning the treatment to get to know about her taste in the designs. We can use a mobile app to check the symmetry of the designs. close your eyes please. This app helps us to minimize possible defects in making the design. remove the hair around the brows outlines except for the fifth point above. well, I've removed the extra hair on the top and bottom till the fifth point. keep in mind to use sterile high quality tool for the job. For this client, I'll use a disposable gold PhiBrows needle. change your gloves after mapping out. We picked a colour similar to her eyebrows natural colour. we'll mix the PhiBrows brown 2 with brown 3 to apply on her brows. always try not to pick too much pigment to avoid spilling it around the stroke you're gonna draw, so you can see clearly what you're doing. we'll add the strokes following the the hair natural growth and the spine. when we've added the head strokes, we start putting the transition stroke lines 1,2 and 3. now I'm adding the upper strokes. and the lower strokes. make sure the skin is stretched while adding the strokes. after completing the first pass, we'll go for the second one. apply the colour mask before continuing to the third pass. 80% percent of the strokes should be created during the first pass. treat the pad with cleansing serum or distilled water or boiled water to clean the client's brows. rub the pad once in the direction of hair growth and once in the adverse direction to thoroughly remove the extra pigment. apply the numbing material to the brows, it doesn't have to stay more than 2 minutes on the brows neither does it need to be removed.

After applying the numbing material, repeat adding on the previous strokes as well as creating new ones. repeat the strokes, one single stroke might need to be repeated for 3 to 10 times. actually the repeating times will depend on the client's skin types and the pigments settlement. pick a Nano needle and adjust the pigmentation device to a speed of 150 rpm and repeat all the steps in adding the strokes once again with the nano needle. as you see, we've done the brows fixing. well, we're finished with the treatment, I hope you enjoyed watching it. To learn more about the classes and assistance, please dial the numbers provided.

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