How To: Glitter Eye Make-Up

In this tutorial, we’re gonna teach you how to use the glitter. First make the foundation on the skin and put the shading on the lids in the desired colour.
Apply the glitter glue prior to the glitter itself. Smear the glue on the upper lid with a brush then apply the glitter on it.


Greetings to you followers of Rojelab website. I'm about to show you a new make-up style. in this treatment we wanna use glitter. pick an orange tone colour for the shading foundation. because we want to use a green tone glitter. to apply the glitter, we shall use the glitter glue. as you see, there are various glitters here. when we are done with the glitter. make the shading darker on the outer corner of the eyes to become more noticeable. make the inner corners a bit lighter. you need to use different colours in different ways according to the make-up principles to come to achieve a pretty result. apply the blusher. pick the same theme of colour as the shading for the lips. For such make-up styles which involves glitter, you'd better make the lips look more plump. very well, here's a make-up style with green glitter in cold tone. I do hope you have enjoyed it. To enroll in our courses, please dial the phone numbers. hope you will always be joyful, good luck.

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