How To: Beautiful Up-Do Chignon

In this tutorial, we show you a beautiful up-do chignon. This tutorial was provided by Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at , or .


Greetings. I am here with a chignon tutorial from Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute.

First, tie some of the hair and tie it with a hairband. To make the process faster, I have already done this. I have separated the hair at the crown of the head, the hair in the back in the form of a ponytail, and the hair on the sides of the ears as well. I will separate the ponytail into two parts and tease it completely from the back and from the top. Widen the teased hair and apply some styling spray. Open it with your hand and form it into a cub or a hair prosthetic. If the client had a small volume of hair in this area, you can use a synthetic hair prosthetic instead of actual hair.

After forming the prosthetic the way I want it, I will apply the styling spray again. Separate the hair in the crown, which we had separated before into three sections. Tease the hair from the back so that there is absolutely no teased hair on the top. Pick thicker layers for this part. We will not use our styling spray or hair gel for this area. I will use a small amount of hair cream and apply it to the top of this layer. Brush the hair slowly so that the surface of the hair is smooth but the teased hair in deeper layers of the hair remains. Straighten the layers, and twist the hair slightly in this area. Before fixing the hair with a hairpin, I will create the lines I want on the hair. If you want to have more lines on the hair, you can make smaller lines.

I will use a long hairpin for each line I have created on this part of the hair. After fixing this layer of hair, I will use a styling spray to fix the form for the layer like this. To make this process easier for the client and us, we can curl the end of the hairline using a hair curler or curling iron. Since we are working on synthetic hair here, I will skip this step. I will use some hair cream to reduce the frizz and stray hair on the layer. I will create the lines before adding the hairpin. In the end, I will attach a hairpin to the hair layer. I will apply the hairpins to the area where I have formed the lines, to fix them. I will push the remaining hair from the end of the layer inside the twisted layer.

Take the next layer of hair and brush it. I will take some hair cream and apply it to the surface of the hair. I will make the lines on the hair before attaching the hairpins. Now I can attach the hairpins. I will gently widen the hair with my hand. I will use styling spray to fix the form of the hair. Take the next layer of hair, brush it. I will use a very small amount of hair cream. Before fixing the hair with hairpins, I can create my lines on the hair. Take the next layer of hair and brush it. Apply a small amount of hair cream to the hair. Massage the hair with it. Twist the hair as I did before and create the lines before attaching the hairpins. I made the lines on this layer as I did for the previous one, then I will attach the hairpins and move on to the next layer.

We can form the bangs with attention to the natural hair and face of the client and their age. For this tutorial, I chose a style, which I hope you will like. I will separate the bangs into two parts a little to the side of the layer. I will tease the hair slightly. If the layer is small or the hair has little volume, you can tease the hair more or use volume dust or powder. Since the volume on this model hair is satisfactory, I will tease the hair only slightly and brush it again. I will apply a light styling spray to reduce the stray hair strands and frizz. I will create the lines on the hair the same way I did for the back. We will create the same lines on the bangs as we did in the back of the head. I will create the lines before applying the styling spray.

You can repeat this twist and wave as long as the hair on the bangs allows us. If the client’s hair is shorter than our model, we will finish the work right here. I will use a styling spray to fix these layers. I will brush the lower layers of hair again. I will apply a small amount of hair cream on my hand and gently massage the layer with it. I will twist this layer as well using both hands. I will brush the end of the hair layer with the end of my brush and widen it. Now let’s hide it inside the other layers. I will use my styling spray to fix the layer. After applying our styling spray or hair styling glue, we can gently remove the hairpins. Now you can use very small hairpins with twisted tips between the layers in a way that they are not visible but still can hold the style of the layer in its place.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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