How To: Tape Hair Extensions

In this tutorial, we will explain how tape or sticker extensions are attached to the hair and we point out a few important factors about extensions and their maintenance. This video was provided by Mrs.


Greetings. I am Shaid Homayouni from Today I want to talk to you about sticker or tape hair extensions, which has gained much in popularity lately. Since I have had lots of request for this type of extension, I thought it is better if we talk about it in this tutorial. First, I want to show you how you can attach this extension to the hair and then I will talk about other details such as how long you can keep in on your hair and how.

Tape or sticker hair extensions are available in the market in this format and packaging. There are two types of it available. One is the type I am holding here, and the other one comes with a two-sided glue tape at the top. Therefore, you can purchase one-sided or two-sided tape extensions from the market. To use the extension, you have to separate a layer of hair in the same width as the tip of the extension. If you remember from our previous videos, I have already explained that for a laser hair extension, you have to attach the hair extension one centimeter away from the hairline all around the head. Therefore, if the client wants to tie their hair in a bun or brush it back the extensions will not be visible.

Even if the client has short hair, you still have to leave one or two millimeters of hair to hide the extensions. For short hair, you have to attach the extension pretty close to the hair to hide the short strands of hair around the head. However, in a tape extension, there is no way to do the process close to the borders of the hair around the head and you must leave an extensive amount of space around the head at least for five centimeters. Otherwise, the extensions will be visible since the cuts are quite large. Keep in mind that for attaching the tape extensions, you have to pick the same layer of hair in the same width as the tape extension and nothing is left outside of the tape head since different companies produce these extensions in different width.

Separate a layer of hair in a direct line. Like any other hair extension, we have talked about, in this type of extension separating the hair layer is also very important and you should make sure you separate the layer in a direct line. So let’s leave four or five centimeters from the front and separate a layer of hair in a direct line with the same width as the tape extension. Make sure the hair you separate is no more than two or three millimeters thick. Remove the cover from the tip on the hair extension. Attach it to the hair like this. Take the next layer, remove the cover from the tip of the extension and attach it to the top. We can cover all of the hair like this.

Just remember you have to use a pincer to fix the two-sided extension tapes on the hair. For example, if this was a two-sided extension tape, I would use my pincer, like this to fix it to the hair, but there is no need to do this for the one-sided type of tape extensions. I will cover the whole hair with the tape extension like this. If you use tape extensions, you should keep them for a short time, since unlike laser extensions, which uses Keratin tips, it is very sensitive and covers a large area of hair. Unlike the promotional videos and advertisements which shows many people getting these extensions,
These extensions cover a very large area of hair all around the head and you leave no space for the natural hair to breath and limit hair growth completely.

As I explained in the previous videos, Keratin hair extensions or laser extensions damage the hair a lot less than other types of extensions, since the glue on the extension tips can damage the hair in the area it is connected. Whereas, good Keratin material does not damage the hair at all in the three months’ time when the extension is on the hair. In addition, for recovery or removal of laser extensions with Keratin tips, if the technician or extension artist has the required expertise, the hair will not be damaged at all. Where you refer for removal or recovery of your hair extension is very important.

Make sure the artist or expert is using the correct remover and not using acetone or other chemicals. Apply the remover and let the Keratin tip absorb it, and then use the special pincer to break the Keratin tip only and make sure not to cut the natural hair in the process. I have seen this many times where the extension artist cuts the hair layer during the process of extension removal. You have to remember that hair extension is a delicate process and you have to use the right methods and tools.
If you want to be able to use the extensions for a long time.

There are a few points about hair extensions. The first one is the correct attachment of hair extension and I will show you in the video what could happen if the process is done incorrectly. The second point is the maintenance of your hair extension, which is one of the most crucial parts of hair extension. I have always said, seventy percent of the work is the correct attachment, and the other thirty percent is the maintenance afterward. You should take good care of your extensions and nourish them as you do for your natural hair. Make sure to use special extension hair brushes from quality brands. You must refer to a professional or hair salon to get your hair brushed once every ten to fifteen days.

Having your hair brushed by a professional will help remove and untangle all the hair strands. Keep in mind that if you apply too much heat on the Keratin glands on the hair extension or iron them, they will melt and mix with the rest of the hair and cause a huge area of tangled hair, which can badly damage your hair and the hair root. Another important factor I want to point out is the type of hair extension. There are cheap hair extensions available in the market. Keep in mind that the type of hair extension you use is very important. Cheap hair extensions are often made using animal fertilizers and can cause hair fall and local baldness after one week or twenty days based on how sensitive your own hair is. Make sure to use natural hair or standard extensions to avoid these probleMs. I hope my explanations can help you have a beautiful hair extension.

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