Four Ways to Curl Hair

In this video tutorial from Viona Beauty Series, we talk about different types of curls and ways to achieve them. To join our classes you can call 02177431560 or 09356000743.


Four ways to curl hair
To achieve curling, we use a hair iron and a variety of Babyliss.

We first have to adjust the heat of the hair iron or Babyliss and then we separate the hair into parts and start by curling each batch
Curling with an Iron
First iron the hair from the top of the batch to the bottom while twisting your hand to create a curling effect
Tight or Small Curls
Here we use a small Babyliss to wrap the hair around the wand and release the hair after a few minutes
Curling with Medium Babyliss
Wrap each layer of hair around the medium-sized Babyliss wand and release after a few moments
Curling with a spring-loaded Babyliss
Separate a batch of hair and using your hand wrap the hair around the spring-loaded Babyliss from the top to the end of the hair batch
Press the Babyliss button
Wait a few moments for the hair to take form and then release the button to let go of the hair.


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