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In this tutorial, you will learn all about a beautiful low hanging chignon. This video was provided by Chatr-E-Gol Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at .


Greetings. I am Parvane Habibi from Chatr-E-Gol Beauty Academy. Thank you for watching this tutorial on Today I want to show you how to do a chignon. This is a popular low chignon with a linear model on the top. In this tutorial, I will also teach you how to make lines on the hair, and how to separate the hair in the back and style your low chignon. I hope this tutorial is useful to you.

To start this chignon, separate the hair from one ear to another. Separate the hair on the crown and hold it with a hair clip. On the lower back, use a hairpin to hold the remaining hair. We start the process at the top of the head. We have to create lines on this part of the hair and attach it to the lower part in the back. To create the lines, you do not need to apply hair spray and then start creating the lines. Choose the lines, pull the hair our using your fingers, and when the lines are formed, you can use hair spray to style the hair.

I will choose the lines and form them. For this chignon, I want to make these lines very bold, so I will pull the layers out even more to create bolder lines. As you can see, I am not using any styling spray at this point. Using styling spray will make the hair look frizzy. Volume powders are hair products that can make the hair lighter and add to its volume. This can help us style our hair better and preserve the lines as well. First, apply the volume powder and then apply the styling spray. Never spray the styling spray before the volume powder. Now that I have made the lines and know exactly where I need them, I can use the styling spray.

At this point, you can also use shine sprays. Shine sprays are hair products, which add, a little bit of oil to the hair but they will not make the hair heavy. They will not make the hair hold better but can reduce hair frizz and make the resulting hairstyle look neat. You can use hairpins to hold any layer you like and even form them further. As you can see here, I have made three lines on the hair and will continue creating the lines with the same technique all over the back of the head. For this model, I will not do the process in separate steps and instead, I will work on the layers on the side at the same time.

Whether you want to split the bangs in from the middle, or from the side, do it now so you know how to proceed further. For this model, I want to split the hair from the middle. To split the hairline in the middle, use the tip of the brush directly on the line with the nose and then separate the hair in a straight line. You can also separate the bangs in a zigzag fashion, but keep in mind that a middle split does not suit people with long foreheads and oval faces. You can also separate thin layers of hair on the side of the face and then curl them.

Now we want to create lines on this layer of hair and attach it to the side. let’s attach a hairpin here so we can determine the area dedicated to this layer. Right now, I am just specifying the areas where I want to create my lines. You should do the same by deciding on the lines and forming them first and then applying your styling spray. I have created the lines and now I can use some shine spray. You can get the best results by using these sprays alone. You can follow my Instagram page for more chignon styles where I explain more of the process in details in my live broadcasts.

After creating the lines, we can use hairpins to hold them and use a hairband to tie the hair in the back. After this, you can remove the hairpins. I want to use this ponytail to create a bowtie and use the other half of it to make a prosthetic. I will separate the hair into two parts and put one part aside, and use the other part to form the prosthetic. Let’s tease this layer completely. You can use a net to envelop the hair. Use the hair to form a ball and use it as a prosthetic like this. Take the other half of the ponytail, bring it on the prosthetic and then simply create a few lines on the layer and cover the prosthetic with it.

Separate this layer into three parts where the two parts on the sides are a little thicker and the middle part is a little thinner. Tease the hair, apply some hair cream if you want and style it. You can make your bowtie as it is, but it is much better if you swap the two layers on the side like this to make the bowtie bigger. After swapping the layers, apply hair cream, styling spray, shine spray, or any other hair product you want and straighten the hair. Apply some more styling spray on the top and bottom of the layer. Now let’s brush the hair, straighten the hair with my hand, and blow on it to dry it.

Hold the hair with your finger and twist the layer around the finger. Attach a hairpin here. Do not twist the hair before it is completely dry. Put your finger on the hair layer and then twist the hair around your finger. Put the remainder of the layer inside the bowtie. This helps the bowtie remain stiff. The layer in the middle is the easiest part, which I am sure you know what to do with. Just brush the layer, apply some styling spray or shine spray, and form it with your hand. Finally, attach a hairpin to it and fix it. In fact, a bowtie is actually three separate layers of twisted hair.

This concludes our tutorial. I hope you have enjoyed this video. To join our public and private classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Our academy is governed and regulated by official authorities and the classes are based on the latest international methods and standards and the certificate you will receive is recognized internationally. I hope to see you all in our classes very soon.

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