Lash-line Pigmentation Explained

In this video, we’re going to show you how micro-pigmentation can be used to add volume to the eyelashes. We’re also going to talk about the difference between this type of micro-pigmentation with other types such as eye-line pigmentation. The reasons and causes for color diffusion are also explained. This video was done by Mrs. Sahar Hedayati and if you’re interested in learning micro-pigmentation or micro-blading, please contact Sahar Beauty Center by calling 09120341241 or 09122253122.


Greetings. I’m Sahar Hedayati from, and today I want to talk to you more about another concept of micro-pigmentation.

As you well know, micro-pigmentation has different applications in cosmetics. One of the well-known uses of micro-pigmentation is for eyemakeup and cosmetics. There are different methods to enhance and work on eyemakeup. There is eyeliner micro-pigmentation, Micro-shading and also lash lines which are done below the eyelashes. These different methods are applied based on the natural form of the eyes and also what the client wants.

For those people who want cosmetic work done on their eyes and also want it to be hidden and look natural, can opt for micro-pigmentation below the eyelash line. This type of work is intended to give your eyelash more volume. It can be used on upper or lower eyelashes. In contrast to eye lines, after this procedure, there are no obvious marks or lines visible. Pigmentation is injected between the eyelashes and it doesn’t require to be designed. You can use different colors for your micro-pigmentation. For example, you can use a combination of black and brown colors.

What I’m going to do here is micro-pigmentation applied below the root of the eyelash. It’s going to be applied exactly below the eyelash line and between them. If your client requested an eye-line pigmentation, you’ll need to decide on the design first. We’ll have to know the area and how we’re going to go about the eye-line pigmentation. But for pigmentation which we’re going to do, there’s no need for a design.

The cartridge I’m going to use here is a micro cartridge number 3 and the color I’m using is deep black. Lots of people call and ask about color diffusion. Color diffusion can have many causes. One could be the angle of the hand while performing micro pigmentation. The degree with which you inject the needle into the tissue is very important. The next important factor is the depth to which the micro pigmentation needle will penetrate the tissue. If you penetrate the tissue too deep, it could cause color diffusion. Another important factor is the quality of the product you’re using. If the quality of the pigmentation material is not up to standards, you can be sure to see color diffusion inside the eyelids.

For this type of pigmentation, you should move your hands in sweep motions.

Our work is done here. I hope you have enjoyed this short video.

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