How To: Step-By-Step Eye Contouring

To get started, first dry the lid skin using a pad treated with alcohol. Then apply and spread the numbing cream on the lids. It will take approximately 25 minutes for the skin to be fully numb.

Be careful during the treatment, your hand angle, the needle angle, as well as the depth at which the needle goes through the skin, is of utmost importance. Start drawing the line from the outer corner of the eye towards the nose.

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Greetings to you dear audiences, I'm Maryam Sadoogh. A micro-blading and micro-pigmentation expert. and I hold certificates from BMU, PhiBrows and the vocational training organization. as well as 10 years of experience in this field. what we're about to teach you today. is the eye contouring technique which we'll go through it step-by-step. the very first step in eye contouring. is getting the client's face prepared for the treatment. first make the skin totally dry using a pad treated with alcohol. after drying you must use a numbing cream to numb the area. apply the cream on the eyelids and spread it all over the area. and wait for 25 minutes till it's fully numb. Then start the treatment. don't forget to remove the oil off the area after numbing. Then start the treatment. keep in mind that during the work. you should be careful of your hand and needle angle. the pressure of the hand and how deep the needle goes in. so that the pigment won't smear under the skin. the process is done this way. start drawing inwards from the outer corner of the eye. in short strokes by back and forth movement. again hold your hand in an appropriate angle. Besides you can use any type of needle suitable for eye contouring. both 3-power needles and 1-power type are suitable. depending on what technique you wish to perform.

Dear pals, we're done with this item. what you watched today is called eye contouring or micro-eyelining. post-treatment care has to be taken seriously. the clients must come in for a correction session after 25-30 days. don't make the area wet for 3 days and use an A-vitamin cream. Those who are willing to learn this method may contact us via Rojelab website or the phone numbers. Thanks a lot for watching us.

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