How To: Laser Haircut

In this tutorial, you will watch a laser haircut in action. This video was provided by Mrs. Arezoo Shafi’e from Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at , or .


Greetings. I am Arezoo Shafi’e. I am the administration and instructor at Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute. Today I want to talk to you about laser haircuts.

To begin the process, separate the hair from the middle section into two separate parts. Start at the back using a special scissor for laser haircuts. Cut the hair at the length the client prefers, parallel to the separation line. You cannot use normal scissors for this method and you have to use a special scissor made for this type of cut. Cut and move towards the front of the face.

Direct the client’s head down according to the angle you want the cut to have. Use a layer of the hair from the opposite side in your hand and continue the cut on the right side. This haircut is suitable for women who want to keep their hair long, the front of the hair to have an angle, and the hair to be pointy at the end. Other than laser scissors, you can also use sewing scissors for this cut.

To check the cut, hold the hair in your hand in the front and move the scissor across the hair gently so the hair sections do not have different lengths. We have brushed the hair. This concludes our tutorial. I hope to meet you all in our public and private classes over at Banoo Shafi’e Beauty Institute. Until next time, goodbye.

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