How To: Bleaching Hair Roots

In this tutorial, we will cover the techniques you can use to bleach the hair roots. This video was provided by Mrs. Zahra Karimi.


Greetings. I am Zahra Karimi. I am a hairstyle and hair formula, expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about bleaching roots. As you well know, when you bleach your hair, the hair will grow naturally and after one or two months, you will have a few centimeters of hair without bleach. The first thing to remember for a root bleach is that the skin and scalp of the client should be oily. Natural oil on the hair and scalp is very important and it is different when you add artificial products such as cream to add oil to the hair.

The natural oil on the skin and hair can protect the hair and tissue from possible damage. The next important part of the process is separating the hair. I rather split the hair from the middle at the top, put it on the sides, and separate the back too. I will start to separate the hair in the front. As you can see, this hair as grown longer for quite some time and has a few centimeters of root and the rest of the hair has been bleached.

Another point for a hair that has a long root growth is that if the hair has less than five centimeters of root and the rest of the hair has been bleached to a very light color, then it’s better if you skip a root bleach. This means it’s better to let the hair grow longer to at least five centimeters or more but if your client’s hair is similar to the hair on my model and not bleached very light, it’s alright to perform a root bleach and the risk is low.

I usually use foam wraps for root bleach. Some of my colleagues or even I, sometimes also use some cotton piece between the hair layers. A crucial point and something that sometimes causes problems is the possibility that a new bleach process on the roots could run down on the hair layer and cut the rest of the layer that has been bleached before. This is more probable if the hair has been bleached to a high degree. I use foam wraps to solve this problem.

Foam wraps take considerably less space on the head. Foil wraps take much more space and if you want to wrap all the hair layers inside foil wraps, it is going to be very hard to control whereas the same process is much easier with foam wraps. I will show you a sample here. I will separate a very thin layer of hair. Keep in mind that the layer should be very thin. In general, this is a very delicate process and should be performed with delicacy and care.

I will prepare my decoloring powder. The bleaching material you use to decolor the root should be pasty, not diluted. This will help prevent leakage and cutting the hair stem. Let’s do the sample so you can see. Take some of the material, and put the foam wrap under the hair layer. If you have considerable space between the root and the bleached hair, apply the material a little away from the root and continue down the hair toward the stem where the hair has been bleached before. When you get close to the border where the hair has been bleached, you should not apply the material right to this point. You should tap the hair with the brush and keep fading the material as you go down until you reach the border. You should use this method when you have a large space to cover.

Nevertheless, if the root is not that long and the area you want to bleach is small, you can apply the material even closer to the root. When you are close to the bleached hair, tap the layer with your brush and fade the material close to the border. If you pay close attention to this layer, you can still see a small dark bit of hair. It is still has bleaching material on it, but a very small amount. I did this by tapping the brush on the layer and I can change or extend it later. Keep in mind that if you fix this line later in the process, the material will not bleach the hair and you will have a dark line all around the hair layer.

We are done with this layer. Let’s add another layer of foam wrap on this layer and separate the next layer. A thin delicate layer so we can bleach the hair properly. Take some of the material, hold the hair in your hand, and apply the material close to the root. If you apply the material to the root at the beginning of the process, it might damage the skin, even if the skin is oily, and the irritation will make the client uncomfortable to a point where they will not be able to wait for the bleach to affect the hair properly.

Apply the material to the hair and brush it down until close to the border of the previously bleached hair. This is the critical point in the process, and we should tap the hair with the brush so the material is faded when it gets closer to this border. You should not brush the hair at this point as you do for a normal bleach application. Otherwise, the material will get to the bleached hair, the bleach will start to work after ten minutes, much faster than on the other areas on the root, and finally, it will cut the hair before the root has been bleached. This is true even if you have used repair and protection material in the hair such as Olaplex.

Bleaching the root is a sensitive and delicate process. Make sure you apply the material all over the root and no area of the root is dry. As you can see, we still have that dark border and the material has faded close to this borderline. Put another foam wrap on this hair layer and move on to the next layer. We will continue the same way for the rest of the layers and then move to the back. In the back, we will start at the bottom and continue to the top. Speed is very important in this process since you started in the front and if you are slow, the part in the front will bleach but the back will remain yellow.

For those who have less experience with this process, I usually suggest moving to the top after finishing the part on the right side. Foam wraps can help us use weak material to bleach the hair successfully and with enough time and there is no need to use powerful material. After you have wrapped all the layers inside the foam wrap and the level of bleach you are looking.
For has been reached, it is time to apply the material to the roots as well. Take your brush and start applying the material to the roots. Before applying the material to the roots, unwrap the foam layer, pull the hair stem gently, and if the layer has reached the level of bleach you have in mind,
Then apply some material to the root and do this for all the other layers quickly.

Re-attach the foam wraps, wait for the roots to bleach, remove the foam wraps again, and rinse the hair. If you want to apply Olaplex or any other protective product, you can apply them now and then the hair is ready for a dye. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. If you like to learn more about hairstyling and hair formulas, you can join our classes. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description. Until next time, goodbye.

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