How To: Skin Cleansing Step By Step

To get started, first clean the face to be free of any make-up and impurity. Then remove the extra oil on the skin with a toner.
Massage the face to become prepared for the treatment. Keep in mind that the hands should be cleaned and a bit oily prior the massaging.
Below you can watch a full video in this regards.


Hello everyone, I'm Sima Soroush, the director of Dorsima beauty institute with more than 30 years experience in this field. Our motto here is beauty while keeping healthy. therefore, I've always encouraged my learners to use the highest quality material to guarantee the client's safety. Hello everyone, I'm Shohreh Etminan, a skincare expert from the Dorsima institute. Today's item mostly focuses on the facial skin revival and cleansing through a massaging procedure. at the first step, the face should be cleansed to be free of any dirt. and get it prepared to receive reviving treatment. clean the whole face including the chin, the neck and specially the nose which absorbs more amount of dirt. so that the client's face is fully prepared for a flawless treatment. after the milk cleaning, it's time to apply the toner to remove the extra oiliness of the face. after applying the toner, start massaging the face for the client's relief.

Massage it thoroughly using an oil suitable to the client's skin type. oily skins, dry skins.
. and try to make the client feel calm. your palms must be fully oily to avoid stretching the skin. start from the neck and continue massaging upwards. you can repeat every move ten times. rub your hands up and down on the skin. now on the chin. rub the whole area of the chin. above the lips, nose and the nose bridge. till we reach the forehead. to get the skin prepared for the treatment. massage the forehead and the nose bridge in T-like movements. and around the eyes in 8-like movement. rub the face with the two fingers wide apart. rub underneath the cheekbones wit outwards to inwards motions to boost blood circulation. massage the areas around the eyes in tapping motions with the knuckles of your fingers. you can repeat all these items 10 times. but the last part before finishing the massaging, move your fists up towards the temples and then get it suddenly off the skin.

So the client feels completely calm and relieved and fully prepared to get the skin treatment. when we're done with massaging, wipe the oil off the skin. steam-clean the face, if there are blackhead pustules on the face try to remove them with a pimple removing pen during the steaming. but if there's not, we won't need to do that. just like this one here which is quite soft and doesn't have blackhead pimples. We start the skin rejuvenation while this device applies steam to the face. clean the device nozzle regularly with alcohol during the treatment. We can use other devices if the client asks us to do. This client's skin is now oily, so we will use a mask to make it a bit drier. let the mask stay on the skin for 20 minutes before wiping it off. now remove the mask thoroughly off the skin. This client's skin is soft and too sensitive, therefore we will skip the scrubbing section for her due to the skin's high sensitivity. while I would use it for clients with less sensitive skin.

After drying the skin, we'll apply a moisturizer suitable to the skin's type. in case there's a hot sun, we can apply sunscreen too to avoid the skin irritation if the client asks for it. very well pals, thanks for watching us, I hope you have enjoyed this cleansing tutorial. To sign up for our classes or skincare services,please dial the numbers provided.

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