How To: Covering Pimples Using Makeup

In this brief tutorial, we will explain how you can cover pimples or tattoos using makeup material.


Today I want to talk to you about balancing lip makeup. First, let’s talk about covering pimples. As you can see, we have a pimple here and it looks black. The same method can be used to cover tattoos on eyebrows.

We mix our orange aqua with a white one and create a color close to the color of the skin. Apply this mix on the pimple or tattoo or anything you want to cover and this color will cover the dark spot. Some people are concerned that this color is visible and different from the actual skin color.

For this purpose, you can make this mixture waterproof, which I will explain how, and then apply contour on top of it. The contour will cover this mixture and it will look the same as the color of the skin. The bulge from the pimple is, however, visible if you look closely. To make the mixture waterproof, you can use a white tan polish or eyebrow polish instead of the white aqua and mix it with the orange aqua. To mix those with the orange aqua you will have to use 96 percent alcohol. Create this mixture and then apply it to the area.

Otherwise, you can use a very small amount of makeup glue, with 96 percent alcohol, and mix these two with white and orange aqua and then apply it to the area. The makeup glue will make the material waterproof. This concept was to explain how we could cover pimples or tattoos. Try to create a mixture, which is not too light, but does not look orange either. You just have to make sure that it is waterproof so it will not fade away with your hand or during the contour process.

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