How To: Catchy Facial Make-up Tutorial

The steps are as follows:
1- Smear the primer on the back of the upper lid
2- Apply a light shadow as a base to the lid
3- Pick a mustard colour shadow to apply to the lid with a brush
4- Pick a purple colour shading to apply and fade on the lid
5- Use a flat end brush to put a dark smoky shadow to the top of the upper lip
6- Spread the light concealer on the lid
7- Put a glossy shadow on the inner corner of the eye
8- Pick a cream colour shine shadow for the center of the lid
9- Put the eyeliner and apply a glittering shadow to the center of the lid
10- Apply the moisturizer to all over the face
11- Pick a suitable cream powder and apply to the face with a sponge pad
12- Put the concealer on different parts of the face
13- Perform the contouring
14- Apply the false lashes and put mascara on the lower lashes
15- Pick the highlighter to lighten the face skin
16- Use a light pink colour cheek rouge for tops of the cheeks
17- Put a glossy shadow underneath the eyes
18- A light colour lipstick may be the best choice for this make-up style


Greetings to every one of you followers of Rojelab website. Today we're gonna show you a catchy make-up style suitable for parties. I'll start from the eyes. smear the primer all over the upper lid. pick a bright colour base shadow to apply to the lids with a brush. pick a mustard colour shade as the next and apply to the lids. and mix it well with the previous shading using a brush. now for the next layer of shadow, I'll pick a purple colour and apply it to the lid as you see. pick the smoky dark shading and apply and fade it with a flat brush on tops of the lids towards the outer corner. put some light concealer to the lids. put a glossy shading to the inner corner of the eyes using a suitable brush. apply a glossy cream colour shadow to the center of the lids. use a specific eyeliner to put eye lines carefully on the lids. apply a glittering shiny shadow to the bottom of the upper lids. This acrylic shadow gives an amazing effect to the make-up.

Put the cream powder all over the face with dabbing motions using a sponge pad. pick the Mac concealer and apply it to underneath the eyes, the nose bone and the forehead. now go over the contouring process. and begin with different parts of the face. after the contouring, apply the false lashes and then put mascara on the lower lashes to make them look thicker and longer. use a suitable brush to highlight different parts of the face. a bright pink cheek rouge could highly enhance the make-up beauty. put a glossy shadow underneath the brows. as we put heavy glittering make-up for the eyes, a light colour lipstick may better fit this type. well, we're done with this item, I hope you've enjoyed watching it, see you later.

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