How To: Step-by-Step Guide to Blue Hair Dye

This tutorial gives you a full instruction to dying hair blue. The first step is lift the hair to a base colour of No 10. If you aim to reach darker shades of blue, a base colour of No 7 or 8 would do it too. You skip this crucial step and your hair may be discoloured and turn olive-green after a little while. Thus, having the right base colour before applying the dye is of utmost significance.


Hello everyone, Today we're here with a step-by-step guide to dying your hair blue. so here are the steps you should take for a fantasy blue hair. first prep your hair to receive a blue shade. If you wish to have light blue hair, you must fully bleach your hair to be pale. and for dark blue hair, it's enough to just lighten up the hair a little bit. however, if your natural hair doesn't happen to be so dark, you don't have to bleach it first. but keep in mind that if you dye hair blue without bleaching, it may fade to turn green after a while. but never mind!, you'll be able to restore it to blue colour again. We suggest you study and follow the instructions in the leaflet. We normally should start applying the dye from 1.5 cm of the scalp. those parts near the scalp will be dyed in the last step so that it gives an evenly coloured hair.

Then, the whole hair is brushed from the scalp to the ends so that the dye is well distributed to entire hair. gather your whole hair on the top and cover it with a plastic bag. the covering is to keep the dye off as it has to stay on your hair for nearly 3 hours. fantasy hair colours need to stay longer on your hair to give a better result. If you're using herbal dyes, you can keep it on your hair for as long as you want. For the chemical ones, a 3-hour stay on the hair will do good. Then blow dry your hair, some may however think that hair has to be wet before dying, but in fact it doesn't make any difference whether your hair is wet or dry. dye pigments can penetrate more easily into the hair and stay longer if hair is blow dried. next, cleanse your hair with vinegar. This helps to improve the stability of your dye.

It doesn't matter what kind of vinegar to use, you can use white vinegar which is more affordable and available. use cold water for rinsing since it helps block hair cuticles which prevents dye from fading during the rinse. try to shampoo your hair less than before, those who bleach their hair are less likely to have their hair greasy. If your hair is too dry, take a bath once a week and don't forget to use hair conditioners. now I'm gonna tell you how to make a classic blue tint mixture. as blue colour is one of the main constituents of hair natural pigments, we'll have to use an intensive dye to have it on our hair. no matter whether you use dyes or mixtones for this purpose. If you wish a lighter blue colour, try adding some lightener to the dye. and to get a darker classic blue shade, you can mix it with some black dye. but what really matters here is bring hair base colour to No 10 to receive blue colour.

If ignored, your hair turns out to be olive in colour. now the things you should know about blue dye. you might think that it's better to dye your hair this colour on your own at home, but I do suggest you go see a professional colourist to do that. because, you might have to first take your hair base colour to light blonde and eliminate any existing yellowish mark on hair. and it's necessary to see a professional colourist to get the very classic blue colour you wish and prevent your hair from fading to olive-green colour. as you may know, this one is a fantasy blue colour which won't last very long. so to improve the durability of your dye, I advise you not to wash your hair with hot water and do use sulfate-free shampoo. If your hair happens to fade to light blue after too much washing. don't worry!, you can use some special shampoo available in beauty shops to restore the colour to your hair.

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