Differences Between Micro-Blading & Micro-Pigmentation

In this tutorial, we will apply a micro-blading process in action and explain the differences between micro-blading and micro-pigmentation.


Greetings. I am Nika Mahdavi. I am a micro-pigmentation, micro-scalp, and micro-blading expert and instructor. Today I want to talk to you about micro-blading. There is a lot of request for micro-blading procedures these days. The question most people ask is about the difference between micro-blading and micro-pigmentation.

The main difference between micro-blading and micro-pigmentation is the devices they use. Micro-pigmentation uses an electric device, which is mostly automatic and can be set with different values and settings. On the other hand, micro-blading is a handheld device which works without electricity and the type of blades used in this device is different from the needles and cartridges used for a micro-pigmentation device. Micro-blading owes some of its fame to its delicate pigmentation and drawing abilities. There are other differences between micro-blading and micro-pigmentation, but the most important one is still the difference between the devices that are used. The ink used in micro-blading has a higher density and there are differences in its durability.

One of the issues micro-blading students and artist have is the durability of the results. If you apply this procedure according to the best practices, then the durability of the result will increase. Correct use of the blade and the penetration depth and the type of ink used will affect the results. I will now start the procedure and explain it step by step as we move on.

What you see here is a micro-blading process, which has become very popular these days, the same as micro-pigmentation. We are performing this process on eyebrows, which have been tattooed previously, but the tattoos are not very dark. You should pay attention to a few points when you are doing micro-blading and micro-pigmentation. One is the skin type and the second one is maintenance. The most important factor in micro-blading is the skin type, the color of the ink, and the volume of hair in the eyebrows.

You should make sure the skin does not have open pores and is smooth as much as possible because otherwise, you will not get a good result. The next two factors are hand pressure and the color of the ink. During a micro-blading process, the hand pressure should not be too low or too high. It depends on the skin type as well. For some people, a small pressure can cause bleeding because they have sensitive and thin skin. For other skin types eve a slightly higher pressure cannot cause any issues.

Another thing to keep in mind is choosing a dark color because lighter colors might fade fast since with this procedure the lines are very thin and delicate. Again the result depends on the color and type of the skin. The lighter and smoother the skin, the better the lines will be visible and the longer they will last. Another problem students often have is with injecting the pigmentations for a long-lasting result. This depends mostly on your hand pressure and skin type. Smooth skin has fewer blood vessels close to the surface and there is less possibility of bleeding. The oilier the skin, the more blood vessels there are close to the surface and therefore the hand pressure must decrease.

You should apply the pressure in a way that it does not make the person bleed but is enough to penetrate the skin and allow the pigmentations to enter. You might sometimes notice a small plasma discharge during this operation, which is harmless. This plasma discharge will not impair the pigmentation process. When you penetrate the skin too deep, you might leave a scar on the tissue and the line you draw will not look as delicate and thin as it should. The hand pressure should be balanced based on the skin type. After scratching the skin, you should apply the ink with the same color or a darker one on the skin, against the grain and wait a few minutes before removing it. As I said before, micro-blading ink has a higher density compared to the ink used in micro-pigmentation.

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