PhiBrows Technique For Eyebrow Micro-blading

In this tutorial, we’ll show you a Micro-blading procedure based on PhiBrows standards. This video is provided by Mrs. Nastaran Khorshidi. To book our services or join our classes, please contact us at 09196184716.


Greetings. I’m Nastaran Khorshidi. I’m a Micro-pigmentation and Micro-blading expert and instructor. In this tutorial, I want to present a Micro-blading process using PhiBrows techniques.

To start our eyebrow blading process, first, we have to design the eyebrow and make sure of the symmetry. As you can see, we’ve used a surgical marker to add points across the frame. Then we add anesthetics and start working after twenty minutes. We recognize our spine line, which goes in the direction of hair grows from up to the bottom which here is the second line.

Now let’s start our blading. Remember to pull the skin. During the blading process, your hands won’t rotate, but the blade will. When you reach the second point, the angle of the lines break and they turn into semicircles with their tips pointing downward. Meaning when you reach the point between the first point and the second point, your lines break and connect the first point to the second. Now create the guidelines from top to bottom.

You can use general pens to do the PhiBrows technique. The only difference between PhiBrows blades and normal blades is that the PhiBrows blades are thinner and create thinner lines. Hence, we are using a general pen but the blade is a PhiBrows blade. This is for those of you who asked if you must always use PhiBrows material. You can use any type of pen but with a PhiBrows blade and color to complete the task. For this item, I rather work with this way.

As you can see, there’s not much bleeding and it’s usually very little plasma. This helps to increase the intake of ink in the process. Apply color on the eyebrow and let it remain. Doing this helps the pigments enter the skin and the color becomes permanent. Start filling between the lines. Since we have created our guiding lines, it’s time to start drawing more lines between them to fill the space.

As we saw, we designed the eyebrows to make sure they are symmetrical, then started our work using the PhiBrows technique. Our design was also using PhiBrows standards. We used PhiBrows blades and colors. As you can see in the video, the lines are very thin and delicate. There was no hair in this area, but after the process, it looks as if there’s hair. We choose the color based on the client’s preference and start the blading process.

The lines at the crown of the eyebrow shouldn’t be upright. They should be slightly crooked. When you reach the second point, which is the point between the first and third point,
We start drawing the lines in semicircles with their tips pointing downward. This should be done according to the natural style of hair growth.

This concludes our tutorial.Until next time, goodbye.

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