Eyebrow Hachure & Pigmentation - Tools & Techniques

In this tutorial, you will learn about the different types and methods of pigmentation and eyebrow hachure. This video is provided by Mrs. Nastaran Khorshidi. To receive our services or to join our classes, please contact us at 09196184716.


Greetings. I’m Nastaran Khorshidi. I’m a micro-pigmentation and micro-blading expert. Today at Rojelab.net, I want to talk to you about the different methods used for permanent eyebrow makeup.

Permanent eyebrow makeup is generally divided into two main categories:
one is based on the methods and techniques used for the process and the other is based on the tools we use to implement the makeup. If you look at the process based on the tools used, then you have two different categories. One is micro-blading tools and the other is micro-pigmentation tools.

Micro-pigmentation tools work with electricity and can use different needles that either is screwed on top of the tool or snap into place. Micro-blading tools are hand-held devices that use special blades. These needles have two types that include U and slope blades. The type of blade you use during the process depends on the design and the area you are working on.

Most of you must have heard of the PhiBrows technique and might even know this process as PhiBrows. Micro-blading has existed for a long time, but PhiBrows that is a company that revolutionized the technique by introducing different tools and colors and has turned its name into a brand and method. This fame is mostly because of its high-quality blade, tools, and colors. Still, the micro-blading technique has existed for years and people have used different techniques with different blades produced by other brands to implement this procedure. However, Mr. Branko Babic has created the PhiBrows brand and created a brand name for himself by producing different high-quality blades, tools and colors.

The important point is how the design should be and what the result should look like. We have different methods like hachure and shading. Hachure and shading are both done with different styles and techniques. Hachures can be with the PhiBrows technique or natural, but it can also look different for younger ages. Natural hachure is based on the type of eyebrows and growth style and is mainly done according to the shape of the natural eyebrow. PhiBrows hachure is based on the Branko Babic style of work who first introduced the method. This method is also mainly based on the hair growth on the eyebrows. There is also another style where you implement the hachure with different lengths.

Shading is very similar to shadowing. The effect usually looks like a powder on your skin or an Ombre. Some older methods include creating a frame for the eyebrow, which is still practiced sometimes. We should think ahead before starting the procedure and decide on a design and method for our work. Are we going to work on the skin? On the other hand, does the eyebrow area has hair?.

These the questions you should ask yourself. Then you should look at the natural shape and style of the face and propose the best way to proceed.

One of the most common methods that are used often and people ask many questions about, it the 3D method. In this method, you draw long lines and between them you draw, smaller shorter lines that create a dimension and makes the long lines look more prominent. Because of this visual illusion, the eyebrows can look more natural. This method is called 3D eyebrow design. Another famous method is cotton hachure. This method is suitable for people with complete eyebrows who have white skin and only want to give their eyebrows more volume. For this method, we draw short and small lines between the eyebrow hairs to give the eyebrows more volume.

Another method is shading. The result of this method is similar to drawing on your eyebrows with an eyebrow pen. Like hachuring, shading also has different types and techniques and is divided into different categories. Sometimes, based on the client’s preference, we use shading. Some people still like the style of old eyebrow tattoos and would rather have a frame around their eyebrows as well as a shadow inside. This is known as Cadre Tattoo.

Another type of shading is powder or Ombre shading. In this process pigmentation is scattered on the eyebrow that looks like a powder added to the eyebrow. Ombre micro-shading is very much like Ombre dye for hair. In actuality, the crown of the eyebrow is lighter than the rest of it and this is exactly how a shade is added to the eyebrow in Ombre shading. Ombre shading is done in two ways based on the preference of the client and what the pigmentation artist believes to be the best way.

It’s possible to have the crown darker and with a higher pigment density than the rest of the eyebrow or the reverse. This is always based on the client’s preference and what the pigmentation artist proposes. After choosing the right technique, the next step is implementing that chosen technique on the eyebrow by creating the right symmetry, with diligence, delicacy and right timing. Taking care of your eyebrows after the process will ensure that you get the best result and a longer lasting effect.

I hope this tutorial can be helpfulto you. Until next time, goodbye.

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