What Factors Can Affect Your Micro-Blading Procedure

In this tutorial, we cover all the topics that can affect the durability of the micro-blading pigmentation. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Nastaran Khorshidi. To book our services, or to join our classes, please contact us at 09196184716.


Greetings. I am Nastaran Khorshidi. I am a micro-pigmentation and micro-blading expert and instructor. Today we want to talk about those situations when your clients refer to you and ask you if a micro-blading process can last a long time or is only for a short period like a few months. It is very important to explain these factors to the client and give them a thorough consultation before the operation. Whether you use a PhiBrows method or others does not make a difference. Eyebrow blading only affects the surface of the skin on the epidermis. Since the work affects the epidermis, the chance of fading and absorption by the skin is very high.

We have to explain to our clients that micro-blading or PhiBrows is a superficial process and will last only from eight months to a year. This duration differs for dry and oily skin. For oily skin, the tattoo will last for a shorter time in comparison with dry skins. This process will last longer on dry skin. For oily skin, we are unable to use oil-based colors and have to use water-based colors instead. This means the basis for our work and pigmentation is water so we can extend the duration of the process on oily skins.

If you use oil-based material for oily skin, the two oily surface slip on top of each other and.
This will increase the speed of the fading process. There is no difference between the lines we draw on oily skin or dry skin. Nevertheless, if you draw the lines close on oily skin, you will create shadowed lines instead of hachures. This is because oily skins have a higher resistance to pigmentation. Since most people have dark hair, we must always provide them with this information. Keep in mind that the lifetime for these lines, even if you use the best type of material and equipment, is between eight weeks to a year and we cannot expect anything more than this.

For dry skin, we can use both oil-based and water-based material. However, you have to keep in mind that oily skins require more work. We have different types of skin. We have white, brown, and dark skins, and we have to use a different type of color of each of these skin types. Light colors fade much faster. Most people want to use light colors with a long life cycle, which is not possible and beyond what you should expect. Darker colors last much longer, especially for dry skins. However, even if you are using dark colors, you have to choose them based on the natural color of the skin to avoid causing a gray or red background. Use cool colors of warm skin types and warm colors for cool skin types.

If you see a background color, you should use neutralizers. There are some colors in the market with a high gray pigment count. You could use orange color to neutralize the gray. This is why sometimes we have to use orange as well. Leaving the ink remain on the skin is crucial and will help with the durability of the results. Hand pressure and angle of the hand are also very important to this process and can increase the durability of the pigmentation. Make sure your hand forms a ninety-degree angle with the face and use the tip of the cartridge only. This means you have to avoid using the broad side of the cartridge.

Start working with the device using the tip of the cartridge in a ninety-degree angle and repeat the process three times. You cannot repeat the process any more than three times. I have heard some students say they have been told they can repeat the process many times more. This is not true and not the correct method to apply micro-blading. Repeating the process more than three times will make the lines thick and will affect the delicacy and natural look of the lines. We are explaining all this to let you know what you can expect from micro-blading. Micro-blading, as it is obvious from the name, is a micro procedure. It takes place on the Epidermis layer. Meaning we work between the dermis and epidermis layers and there should be no bleeding. Keep this in mind that if you want to have durable results, you should avoid bleeding.

There are a few exceptions to this rule when it comes to very thin skins where you might see some plasma discharge. How you proceed with these techniques affects how long the result of the micro-blading will last. If you have bleeding during the process, it is reasonable to expect a shorter lifetime for the hachures. Our goal in this process is to maximize the skin’s ability to accept the new pigmentations and the durability of the result. What we take away from this is high bleeding will reduce skin’s ability to accept pigmentations. The epidermis is a superficial layer and dermis is a fatty layer, which also contains veins. The micro-blading process should take place between these two layers.

The color you choose should not be a light shade. The other factor is our skin. Make sure you recognize whether the skin is oily or dry. You should choose a suitable color for each skin type. Another factor is the quality of the ink. Another factor is the angle of the hand. At last, an important factor is letting the ink remain on the tissue. You should let the ink remain on the eyebrows for ten minutes after each hachure process. The more you let the ink remain on the skin, the higher the chances for the skin to absorb the pigmentation. You should keep in mind that there are special steps to take to maintain the hachures after the procedure. Tanning salons, swimming pools, hot tubs, direct sun, water, and even pollution can increase the rate of pigmentation loss. One of the most crucial steps before the procedure is cleaning and sterilizing all the tools and the area we want to work on. This is mostly a medical procedure, it is very important to make sure all the devices, and the environment, as well as the client’s body, is sterilized. I hope to meet you all one day. Thank you for watching.

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