How To: European Summer Makeup

In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply European summer makeup. This video was provided by Viona Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at 09356000743, or 02177431560.


Greetings. Today I want to show you a European makeup suitable for summers and warm weather.

For summer makeup, it is much better if you choose a bright powder cream. This will make the skin look healthy, lush, and natural. First, mix your powder cream with a liquid sunlight color highlighter and apply it to the skin. Now apply your concealer below the eyes, below the cheek line, a bit on the blade of the nose, above the lips, and on the chin.

If the concealer you are using is too moist, fade all the areas where you applied the concealer except under the eyes and then repeat the same process for the concealer under the eyes. During this time, the concealer will lose some of its moisture and provide a better cover. For the next step, we will use our liquid highlighter to make the area above the cheeks look bolder. Now start fixing the makeup under the eyes, but avoid applying the fixing material to the area where you applied the highlighter to avoid ruining the shine from the highlighter.

To fix the highlighter, we will use a dry highlighter. For the eyeshadow, we can use a highlighter or a shining eyeshadow. Use a brown eyeshadow with a cream color tone above the original eyeshadow and below the eyebrows. In the end, you can draw a long or short eyeliner.

I hope you have enjoyed this video. To join our classes at Viona Beauty Academy, you can contact us using the numbers in the description.

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