How To: Nail Design With Foils

In this video, we will teach you how to design your nails using golden foil sheets.


Greetings. Today I want to teach you how to design nails using colored foil sheets.

First, apply a layer of dark purple nail polish to the nails and let it dry. I want to use this foil first. Be careful when using the foil layers they are extremely thin
Apply a layer of top coating to your nail, take the foil sheet, and put it on the nail while it is still wet. Be careful not to press the foil too much and just put it over the nail gently.

Use a tool with a relatively sharp edge to clean around the nail. Now I want to use this type of foil, which I have previously styled. Put the foil on a pad and break it into smaller pieces. Now let’s apply a layer of topcoat on the nail, put the small foil pieces on the top and form it with pincers. Keep in mind that I do not put the foil pieces all over the nail and instead focus on a small area. For the other nail, I want to use this acrylic nail shine instead of a clear topcoat and then use the same foil pieces on the top.

Try not to push the foil too hard and let it have a bit of texture. Form it using your tools and be careful not to flatten it completely. For the thumb, I will use a gold foil sheet with blue lines and repeat the same technique. Now apply another layer of topcoat on the nails to fix the design. I hope you have enjoyed this video.

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