How To: Laser Hair Extension

In this brief tutorial, we will talk to you about laser hair extensions.


Today I want to show you a laser extension process. A hair extension is a process of adding to the length and volume of your natural hair, which can be done in different ways. Including using ring extensions, tapes extensions, sewing, laser extensions, and micro extensions. The hair we use for this process is completely natural and you can even bleach or dye it, which I will show you now.

First, attach the holder to the base of the hair layer and fix it with a hairclip. Then put the tip of the hair extension on the hair layer and use the heating device to attach it. Hold the pincers shut until the light on the laser goes dark. Now use your finger to massage the point and fix it to the hair. Do the rest of the hair extension the same way as we did for this one.

Hair lase extensions require specific maintenance which I will now explain. If you pay close attention to these points, your extension will last much longer. Always brush your hair with metal brushes. Make sure to refer to a salon for a professional brushing at least once a week to prevent the hair from tangling and increase the durability of the work. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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