How To: Eyelash Extension

In this brief tutorial, we're going to show you how to add eyelash extensions step-by-step.


Greetings. Today we're here with a brief introduction to eyelash extensions.

First, cover the lower eyelashes with a special pad. Brush the upper eyelashes thoroughly. To make sure everything is done, brush the eyelashes from up and down.

We want to start from the outer edge of the eyelashes. I choose an eyelash. If the eyelash is curved, use a clipper to straighten it. Put glue on two-thirds of the eyelash extension and add it to the eyelash with a forty-five-degree angle. Choose another eyelash and add the extension. Keep in mind that the extension should be at least one millimeter away from the root. This will be more comfortable for the client. If the eyelash you're working on is split into two, you can add a little glue and fix the split.

As you can see, we have added the extensions to the upper eyelash. If you want to see how you've done and everything is in place, pull the upper eyelid up a little, and then you can check to make sure if the extension is aligned correctly. You have to keep adding the extensions like this until the process is complete. Add the extensions one millimeter away from the root and in a forty-five-degree angle.

Thank you and I hope this videohas been useful to you. Goodbye.

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