How To: Classic Chignon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to do a simple classic chignon. This tutorial was provided by Mrs. Banoo Kermani Beauty Salon. To join our classes and learn the latest chignon techniques, please contact us at 02144202489, 02144225822, or 09123014616.


Greetings. I’m Kermani. I have more than twenty years of experience in professional makeup and other cosmetic related operations. I’m also an expert and instructor in permanent makeup techniques. I’m here today with a tutorial on a classic chignon hairstyle.

First, use a hair band to tie the hair in the back. Separate the hair in the front starting from the arch of the eyebrows. After separating the hair like this, separate the hair into two equal parts. Twist the hair slightly starting close to the hairband. Now form the hair into a bun and fix it like this. Use your hairpins to the left and right to make sure the bun is fixed firmly. Now widen the bun a bit.

Now twist the rest of this hair layer, create another bun on top of the previous one, and fix it using a hairpin. Use the hairpins close to the scalp in order to hide them from view. Now take the rest of this hair layer, twist it slightly, create another bun, and then roll the end of the layer. Hide this roll under the first bun you made.

Now slightly twist the other layer clockwise. Fix it on top of the third bun. Twist the rest of the hair layer clockwise and then fix it in place. Now put the end of this hair layer under the previous bun to hide it. When you’re done fixing the buns in place, widen all of them slightly. For the front, twist the hair based on what you think is appropriate for the style of the client and their face and hair.

Take the rest of the hair in the front, twist it around the buns at the back of the head in the shape of a ribbon, and tuck it under the bun on the side of the ear. At last, use hairpins to create lines on the hair layer on the side.

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