How To: Simple Chignon

In this tutorial, you will learn how to form a chignon hairpiece. This video was provided by Banoo Kermani Beauty Academy. To join our classes, please contact us at , , or .


First, separate the hair from the side of the ear on both sides. Separate the hair in the back as well, brush it, and tie it with a hairband. Start teasing the hair you tied in a ponytail. Separate the layer into two sections and start braiding this it. When you are done braiding it, wrap in a circle and fix it with a hairpin.

Separate a layer from the front of the head, pull it back and start ironing the hair to straighten it and reduce frizz. Separate the layer into smaller sections and start teasing and applying fixing spray between each layer of hair. Now brush the surface of this layer, which is at the crown of the head and fix it with hairpins above the braided hair.

Now we can start creating lines on this area. Spray the hair with some hair spray to fix the lines. Use hairpins to fix the hair better. Brush the hair on the side, pull it back and start making lines like before. Spray the hair with some styling spray to fix the lines. Move to the front, take a layer from the bangs, tease it, spray it with styling spray and start making the lines. You should pull this layer to the side of the head and above the ears. Fix the layer right next to the layer on the crown using hairpins and create lines on it.

Spray each layer with some styling spray. You can use more hairpins between the lines to make sure they do not lose shape. Twist the remainder of the layer and wrap it around the braided layer in the back. Use a hairextension, form it into a flower, attach it above the braided layer, and fix it with a hairpin. Do the same for the second hairextension and fix it a little below the first one. Attach another one to the left. You can use decorative objects to decorate the chignon.

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