How To: Beautiful Curly Chignon

In this tutorial, we will show you how to style a beautiful curly chignon hairstyle.


Start in the back of the hair. Separate the crown from the lower layers, brush it from the top and bottom thoroughly. Then use a hairband to tie the layer. Tie the lower layer with a hairband as well. Put the upper ponytail aside and work with the lower one. Brush it and separate it into two parts, one bigger than the other. Now take the thinner layer and spray it with a little styling spray. Now separate this layer into two smaller layers as well. Wrap one of the layers around a curling iron. When the hair is curled enough, use a hairpin to fix it on the hair for now and move to the second layer. Do the same for the second layer.

Move to the thicker layer. Separate it into two parts. Put one layer aside and work with the other layer. Brush it and separate it into two parts. Now again, wrap this layer around a curling iron as well. Fix every one of these layers to the hair using a hairpin. Take the other layer, again apply a bit of styling spray, and then wrap it around a curling iron. Now take the other layer, separate it into two parts, set one part aside and work on the other one. Separate the second layer into two parts, apply some styling spray, and wrap the hair layer around a hair iron. Do the same for the rest of the hair that we separated into small layers.

When you are done curling all the layers, fix most of them to the hair with hairpins and let them remain there for now. However, we have to let three or four layers of curled hair hang in the back to work with. Use a stick or the tail of your brush to open the curls a little and straighten the hair a bit. Now brush the hair layers together and use your brush to tease the whole layer close to the root just a little to add some volume. Push on the hair layers a little to change its shape and add some more volume. This will make the layers look even more beautiful.

Drop more curly layers, brush them, open the curls a little, apply styling spray, and add them to the rest of the layer in the back. Open the hair layers a little and form them. After forming the layers the right way, apply some styling spray to fix the model. Remove the hairpins from the rest of the curly layer, push them to the top of the head, put a prosthetic in the back above the hair layer we formed and fix it to hair with hairpins. Now fix the lower hair layer to the bottom of the hair prosthetic using hairpins. Do this so the hair covers all the bottom area of the prosthetic.

Now take the curly hair layers one by one going through the same process as before. Take the hair layers, reduce their curl with the bottom of your brush, open them a little and put them on the top of the prosthetic. Spray the hair with some styling spray to make sure the layers are fixed in place. Do this until the prosthetic is covered completely. Form the layers with your hand and widen them when necessary. Once you have added all the curly layers to the top of the prosthetic, it is time to work on the layers in the front. Put the bangs on the top and hold the layer with a hairclip. Separate the hair layer on the side into two parts, pull it back and fix it to the hair with a hairpin.

Turn the remaining part into two sections and use your curling iron to curl the layers. Just like what we did with the previous curled layers, open the hair with your hands a bit to add some move volume and beauty,
Then apply some styling spray and position the hair. On the bangs, open the hairclip, separate a very thin layer and tease it close to the root. Take another layer of the bangs, tease it close to the roots a bit, and apply some styling spray. Separate another layer from the bangs and do the same, then brush the surface a bit. Remember that you should increase the thickness of the layers you separate as you move on. Do the same for the last layer of the bangs and brush the surface a bit. Fix the layer using hairpins.

Spray the hair with a little hair spray and then use the tip of the brush to form and style the hair. Take off the layers and form them like before and put it on the side of the hair where the volume is uneven. Take the one layer on the side, brush it, and put it across the hair in the front to the other side. On the other side, do the same, put it on the bangs to the other side, and hold it with a hairclip. Take the remainder of the layer you moved from the other side, attach a hair clip to the base to prevent it from moving, and start widening it and styling it with hair spray and your hands. Take the other layer on the opposite side, attach a hair clip to the base to hold it, and apply styling spray, and widen it with your hands as we did for the previous layer on the other side.

Now that you have three layers styled the same, you can fold each of them to form a bow in the front. Bend each layer from the middle and fix it to the top of the bangs using hairpins. Go through the same process we went through for the previous layers, for the third layer as well. Use a hairpin or your finger to roll the hair layer and fix it to the middle of the bow.

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