How To: Curly Chignon Hairstyle

In this tutorial from, we will teach you how to make a beautiful chignon with curls.


Separate the crown of the hair and tie it in a bun. Separate the hair in the front in two sections from the middle. Open the bun you made at the top of the head, apply some styling spray, and brush the hair. Now tie the hair again tightly with a hairband. Separate a layer of hair, tease it close to the root a little and apply some styling spray.

Separate another layer, tease it again close to the root, and put it on the previous layer. Again separate another layer, which is our last layer, tease this layer as well. Brush the surface to get a smoother layer of hair and then put the whole layer inside a hair net. Roll the hair into a big bun and put it back in its original place at the back of the head close to the crown. We are going to use this bun as a hair prosthetic. Fix the prosthetic to the top of the head using hairpins.

With the prosthetic fixed firmly in place, move to the lower layer of hair hanging freely in the back and separate it into two sections. Separate one layer from the side and put it aside using a hair clip. Now do the same in the front for the bangs. In the back, separate a thin layer of hair and wrap it around a hair iron. Once the hair is curly, hold it with a hairclip. Separate another layer from the side of the previous one, brush it, spray it with a little hair spray, and wrap it around a curling iron. Now move to the next layer and do the same. Hold each layer with a hair clip to make sure they do not clutter your work.

We continue separating the hair into layers and using our curling iron to curl the hair layers until virtually all the hair except for the prosthetic is curly. At this stage, start removing the hairclips and brushing the hair halfway to remove some of the curls and let the bottom half of the hair remain curly, then fix the hair layers to the prosthetic with hairpins so the bottom half remains hanging. Spray the hair with a little styling spray. Move to the next layer and do the same. Use your fingers to form and style the hair after attaching them to the prosthetic.

Continue like this, cover the prosthetic all over, and make sure no space remains empty. Spray the hair with styling spray after forming the layers on the prosthetic to make sure they do not lose their style.

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