How To: Simple Face Makeup

In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply light makeup. This video was provided by Mrs. Aghelnezhad.


Greetings to all of you watching Today I am here with another facemakeup tutorial. Today we aim to apply light makeup.

First, apply some primer as the basis for the makeup. Primers are available in different forms, but solid primers in the form of creams are more effective on the skin. The primers used for the face are different from the ones used for around the eyes. We have to let the primer remain on the tissue for the skin to absorb the material and the time depends on the skin type. This time can vary from three minutes to ten minutes.

For the basis for the eyemakeup, we have to make sure to use a cream powder with some volume and it is recommended to avoid liquid materials. Make sure to use a light color, because the general rule is to use a lighter color around the eyes in comparison with the rest of the face. Fading is very crucial to this process. It is one of the main factors that give the makeupbeauty, makes it look well blended, and solid. To remove the excess oil from the makeup and fix it on the skin, we use a fixing powder. The basis for the eyemakeup and applying it to the ring of the eyes is one of the first steps you can take during the facemakeup.

The eyes have the most effect on how the face looks and most of the work during a facemakeup is done to the eyes. We use a slightly dark shade for the basis of the eyeshadow. Later we will use lighter shades. The lines where the eyelids fold when you open your eyes is a very important part of the makeup and applying a dark shade in this area will make the eyes look exceptionally beautiful when the client opens her eyes. We will use a light shade on the inner corner of the eyes and extend our dark shade, a bit more which can change the style of the eyes.

We apply the light shade multiple times. We use a matte color for the basis of the eyemakeup and then use other colors depending on our choice and we can use shiny, metallic, or matte eyeshades here as well. If the bone above the eye socket is bulging, we should extend this shadow line longer. Otherwise, if the eyes are normal, you can fade this shade around the folding line on the eyelids. Whatever color we use for the upper eyelids, we should use the same color tone for the lower eyelids and below the eyes. Sometimes we apply all the different shades that we used on the upper eyelids, on the lower eyelids as well in a parallel form starting with darker shades and moving to lighter ones.

We start applying the darker shades on the outer edge of the eyes and use lighter ones as we move towards the inner edge. If the eyes are small and we want to make them look a little wider, we can use light shades on the inner edge of the eyes, on the first and second section of the eyelids. The edge of the eyes is the first section. There are many different types of false lashes. We can use individual false lashes or volume false lashes. We use a black aqua for the eyeliner using a zero, double zero, or triple zero brush. This depends on the type of eyeliner we want to draw. If we want to make the eyes look bigger, we have to draw a longer eyeliner. If we want to extend the length of the eyes, then the eyeliner should extend outside the natural lash line and leaning upwards slightly. In general, the eyeliner should always stick to the lash line.

We never apply a large volume of cream powder the face at once. Even if we need lots of cream powder for the makeup, we apply them gradually and fade them thoroughly. The cream powder should always differ at least two degrees with the color of the skin. Either two degrees lighter, or two degrees darker. I can contour the face at the same time I am applying the cream powder. Use a sponge to fade the material by touching the face with it. The primer we used before will help us apply the cream powder correctly. After applying the cream powder, use a fixing powder or pancake to fix the material. We use concealer under the eyes and apply it in the form of a triangle, starting under the lower eyelids and extending it until just above the cheekbones. We should use light shade on the areas we want to make more visible.

For the area under the eyes where we want to add volume to the cheeks and hide the ring under the eyes, we can use a concealer. Apply the light shades to the length of the nose, the middle of the forehead, and under the chin, and then fade it. Now we can start the contour process. The process consists of light and dark shades. We make the areas we want less visible, using dark shades. During a contour, we always use dark shades. Strobing is a term used for highlighting the face using shiny material.

After the contour process, we can use fixing powder to fix the makeup. To fix the makeup, touch the skin gently with the sponge and fixing powder. After fixing the contour, we can use a highlighter. Start with the lip liner and form the lips. If you want to make the lips look plumper, start above the actual lip line and if you want to make the lips look smaller, draw the lip liner inside the natural line of the lips. Otherwise, we should just draw the lip liner on the natural lip line. To apply makeup to the eyebrows, use eyebrow mascara to brush the eyebrows upward and then draw the lines or hachures we need. We can use a honey-colored aqua for the eyebrow hachures.

This concludes our makeup. Aroosgar-E-Naz beauty salon is here to provide you with the latest techniques and methods in cosmetic care and will offer you valid certifications upon graduation. Besides, if you are a beginner in this field, we can offer you a chance to represent us and have our support as well. Please contact us at the numbers in the description. I wish you the best. Goodbye.

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