How To: Complete Facial Makeup

In this tutorial, we’ll show you a complete bridal makeup process in action. This video was provided by Chehre-Araya beauty institute. To join our classes, please contact us at 02166303451, or 02166303520.


Greetings. I’m Honarmand. I’m the administration at Chehre-Araya beauty institute. Today we’re with a makeup tutorial.

If you had paid attention to the before shot you would have noticed that we have done a slight lift to remove the puffiness of the eyelids and raise the cheeks a bit. We’ll use light oily powder cream as the basis for our eyeshadow. We have to make sure that the skin absorbs the cream powder thoroughly, to make sure there is no leakage. We’ll use a pad to remove the excess material and oil from the powder cream. We’ll use our brush to hachure the eyebrows which looks natural and beautiful using this method. I used a brown aqua as my eyeshadow which is a new elegant look. Let’s fade it upward. You should still preserver the dark shade of the eyeshadow near the eyelashes.

We’ll use a light shadow on the inner edge of the eye. This shadow should be the same as the skin color and it should be of high quality so it can last a long time and must be durable. I’ll use the same color of eyeshadow that I used as an eyeshadow also below the eyes near the lower lashes. I’ll remove the excess material from my brush, and fade the line downward starting at the inner edge of the line. The beginning of the line must be thoroughly faded. The more you fade this line, the better the makeup will look.

Now let’s apply a light shadow below the eyebrows. It’s much better of the first one-third of the eyeshadows is lighter than the rest. I’ll apply this shadow to the inner edge of the eye a bit as well. I’ll attach the false lashes from below the eyelashes. When you attach the false lashes below the eyelash, it will make the eyes look that much more beautiful and hide the false lash line. I’ve attached the false lashes and applied a bit of lash liner to the upper lashes. Make sure not to apply the eyelash liner to the false lashes because it can make them look fake. Just apply the eyelash liner to the upper half of the lash line.

Apply the eyeliner to the eyes. Make sure not to drag the line outside the area of the eyelids because for this type of makeup, the eyeliner doesn’t extend outside the eyelids, instead just fade in when you reach the borders of the eyeshadow. The eyeliner on the inner edge of the eye should be very delicate as well. Apply a small amount of shine shadow to the inner edge of the eyes. We have checked the eyemakeup to make sure they are symmetrical and there are no differences between the two. Now to start applying the skin foundation for the facial makeup, use a high-quality skin cleanser.

Now use a primer. The primer I’m using here will close the skin pores. In addition, it will help moisturize the skin. To cover the spots on the face, I’ve mixed two different powder creams together to cover the face and add a good color tone to it at the same time. When you want to distribute the powder cream, touch the face with a sponge instead of rubbing it on the face. This will help the material get absorbed and still gives you the coverage that you need. I applied the powder cream to the face and finished distributing it. There’s still one pimple here, which I can fade away slightly. However, we can never remove a pimple completely but we can make it less visible.

Now let’s move on to designing the cheeks. The cheek makeup should be added above the line from the side of the mouth. The more you curve this dark shade on the cheeks, the bigger the cheeks will look. To make the cheeks more prominent, we will add a light shade above the cheeks, under the eyes, and below the cheeks as well. All these lines combined together will create a more prominent look on the cheeks. Also, add the light shades on the middle of the upper lips, on the chin, and on the nose. Now we can add a small dark shade on the tip of the nose.

Let’s also add this dark shade to the sides of the nose. Fade these dark shades half a centimeter downward at most because if you fade it more, it won’t have the desired effect anymore. To make the nose look like it’s pointing up a bit more, we can add a bit of light shade to the middle of the alae. Nevertheless, you still have to continue the two dark lines on the nose downward to the middle of the alae. If you only touch on the dark shades you created with your brush, you can fade them away easily. We can use a white fixing powder above the cheeks and under the eyes. You don’t need to touch this fixing powder with your brush too much.

. Give it ten to fifteen minutes and it will absorb. You can also add your white fixing powder on the other areas where you added the light shades.

Use aqua or lipstick palettes to form the lips. Use a lipstick with a compatible color tone and apply it to the lips. Use a cheek blusher, which compliments the color of the eyeshadows. Apply a bit of highlighter on the cheeks as well. We can also add a bit of highlighter on the tip of the nose and on the chin. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. We have professionally taught classes to cover all fields of cosmetics. Upon graduation, you will receive a valid certificate. I hope to see you here soon.

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