Micro-Blading Technique Overview

In this tutorial, you’ll watch a micro-blading process in action. This video was provided by Mrs. Honarmand from Chehre Arayan beauty institute. To book our services, our join our classes, please contact us at 02166303451, 02166303520, or 09124496291.


Greetings. I’m Honarmand. I’m the administration at Chehre Araya beauty institute with fourteen years of teaching experience. Today I want to talk to you about Micro-blading.

For a micro-blading process, you have to choose the blade based on the size of the lines you want to draw in the eyebrows. It should be a medium size so we can form the lines correctly. You must pull the skin tight, hold the blade diagonally, and draw the lines gently where we need them.

This is the most natural type of pigmentation process for the eyebrows. Move with the grain. It’s better to smear the blade in ink for each line. There’s usually no bleeding in a micro-blading process since it’s a gentle and superficial process. However, with sensitive and white skin types you’re are more likely to notice some plasma discharge as you can see here. To make the lines look bolder or add some color, just push the blade on the lines a little.

Our blading process is over and at this point, we’ll cover the eyebrows with the same ink color we used and let it remain on the eyebrows for fifteen to twenty minutes. This will help the ink enter all the scratch lines on the eyebrows. You can also put a layer of foil or plastic cover on the eyebrows to help with the ink absorption. I’ll let the foil and ink remain on the eyebrows for fifteen minutes and come back to show you the results.

Our fifteen minutes wait time is over and I’ve removed the ink from the eyebrows. You can see the lines between the eyebrow hairs and notice how they are in line with the hair growth. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. This institute is active in all cosmetic fields. We provide valid academic certificates. I hope to meet you all at our institute.

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