All You Need to Know About Microblending

In this training video from ChehrehRayan Academy, we will see how Microblending is applied on eyebrows by micropigmentation artiste and instructor: Ms. Honarmand.


Hi everyone, my name is Honarmand the manager of Chehrearayan institute, with 14 years of work and teaching experience.

Today we want to talk about Microblading.

For Microblading you choose your needles according to eyebrows line size. it is better to use a medium size needle to shape eyebrow correctly. Drag the skin and tilt the needle and start to work slowly.

This method is natural for eyebrows. Try to work on every hair strands, For each strand use color and material.

Microblading should not cause any bleeding because you work on the surface of the skin. Except for sensitive or white skins which maybe you'll have some ذrief bleeding.

For making the lines darker you can apply the needle as you see in the video, and press the needle on your skin a little more.

Whenever the work is finished, cover the eyebrow with the color for 15 or 20 minutes. it helps the color penetrate the open pores. so it is better to cover your eyebrow with plastic or foil for a few minutes.

I put the foil for 15 minutes and then you see the result.

After that, I clear the remaining color and you can see the Microblading lines in the direction of hair growth.

I hope to enjoy this video. Our academy works on every skill, and we will give you the certificate.

I hope to see you at our institute.

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