How To: Dry Marble Nail Design

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design nails using Dry Marble method. This tutorial was provided by Chehre Araya Beauty Institute. To join our classes, please contact us at 02166303451, 02166303520, or 09124496291.


Greeting. I’m Honarmand. I’m the administration at Chehre Araya Beauty Institute. I’m here today with a new technique in nail design called Dry Marble.

To begin, let’s prepare the nails by pushing the cuticles back using a nail pusher so we can have more surface to work on. After removing the cuticles, use an electric scrub to remove the oil from the surface of the nail. Choose a suitable nail tip according to the size of the nail.

Use a cutter to cut the excess tip and use a scrub to form the tip. Now use an electric scrub to scrub off the line where you attach the tip to the nail. After removing the trace of the tip line, use your electric scrub again to remove the oil from the tip as well. Now apply your anti-fungus polish to the nail.

First, put your white liquid powder on the nail erratically. Use your tools to create lines and patterns on your powder so you can have a more beautiful dry marble design. Now use black nail polish and apply it erratically on the nail patterns you created on the nail powder. Use a nail cleanser or Acetone to clean the nail. Let the black nail polish be present at some points and less at other points, and let the white powder show itself more at other areas. This erratic structure will make our dry marble design much better. At the conclusion of your work, apply a layer of clear powder on the nail and wait for it to dry.

When our powder is dry, use your electric scrub with a cylindrical tip to shape the nail and scrub off the excess material on the nail. When you’re done working with your electric brush, use your manual brush to shape the parts you need and smooth the nail. When you’re done scrubbing, use your electric scrub again to remove the excess material from around the nail. This will prevent an air infusion when the nail grows longer.

Now cover the nail with a layer of top coat polish. Put the nail under UV light for sixty seconds. Afterward, remove the nail from under the UV light and apply a cuticle ointment around the nail on the tissue. I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. To join our classes, please contact us at the numbers provided in the description.

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