How To: Aquarium Nail Design

In this tutorial from, you will learn how to design aquarium nails.


Greetings to everyone watching In this tutorial, we will teach you how to design aquarium nails.

For this design, we have to use nail formers and nail tips. First, attach the former as you see here and then put the tip on your nail. Make sure to choose a tip with an equal size compared to your nail’s smile line so they can match correctly. Apply nail glue on the nail’s smile line, on the former, put the tip on it and hold it a little for the glue to get dry.

Now we want to apply the gel to the nail. Use a brush with a thin tip to apply the gel to the smile line area. Now we can remove the former. At this stage, we have to add another layer of gel to the back of the nail tip to close the container. Apply one layer of gel under the tip, wait a few minutes for the gel to dry and then apply another layer. Wait for the second layer to dry, attach the former again and apply some more gel to the sides of the smile line to seal the area.

Use a bigger brush to distribute the gel across the nail. Wain 90 seconds and add another layer of gel on the nail. Remove the former and remove the tip, which looks quite uneven. Now you can see that there is a whole in the back of the nail, which we have to close if we want to seal the nail correctly and fill it with decorative material later.

Using this method, we can seal this gap and remove the excess material using an electric brush. Apply a layer of top coat to the nail. Put the decorative material of your choice inside the container behind the tip. Now use a layer of gel and nail glue to close the top of the container to prevent the decorative material from falling out. Apply a layer of colored and clear nail polish to the back of the container and apply another layer of topcoat to the surface of the nail for more shine.

We have reached the end of this tutorial. As you can see, this design is beautiful and special. Thank you for watching this tutorial on Please tell us what you think in the comments section.

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