How To: Easy & Quick Nail Extension

Nail extensions involve the addition of an artificial tip to the tip of your nail to increase the length. It is then strengthened by covering it in gel. Here are the steps you should be following to achieve the nail of your dreams:
1- Place the former on the nail and apply the primer and the dehydrator
2- Put a thin layer of gel onto the nail’s surface, then smear it over the former, creating a nail tip.
3- Add the next layers of gel
4- Wait for a few minutes and detach the former off.
5- Reapply another layer of gel evenly to all over the nail’s surface.
6- Leave it on for 90 seconds
7- Apply a new layer of gel
8- Let it stay for 90 seconds
9- Start filing the nail to smooth out the edges.


Hello everyone, welcome to Rojelab website. Today we're here with a nail beauty item for you guys. after placing the nail form on the nail, what we should do is use primer or the dehydrator to dry out the nail. Then apply a tiny layer of gel to the surface. first shape a nail tip with the gel layer on the surface of the form. Then the next layers of the gel are added. observe how the process is carried out. now let it stay on for a few minutes, then remove the former off the tip. the tip looks to be yellow in colour, but that's because you're looking at it through the camera, it's not like this in real.

Now it's time to apply the gel to the total surface of the nail. as you see, i'm using the brush to cover the whole surface with gel. make sure the gel is evenly smeared all over the nail. apply the gel again to anywhere on the surface that you feel like is not the same level as the area around. leave it on for 90 seconds, then put another layer of gel on the nail. again stop for 90 seconds, then start filing the nail with intensive care. now this is what we call an easy natural nail extension. I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. stay tuned with other amazing items of Rojelab website. Don't hesitate to comment your view on this tutorial. Good Luck.

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