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In this short video from, you will learn how to work with different scrub tips.


Greetings to all of you watching In this video, I want to talk to you about scrub tips used in electric scrubs to form and work with natural nails. These tips are often used to prepare the nails for implants.

The scrub tip you see in the video is specific to scrubbing the nails and making them shorter. Electric scrubs usually come with sandpaper tips as well which come in different types and sizes. The tips you see here, are rough sandpaper tip and softer less rugged ones. We do not use the rough tips to scrub natural nails, because the rough tip can create threads on the nail surface.

Attach the sandpaper tip on the scrub and scrub the nail with it gently with straight hand movements. Fast, diagonal movements will remove the skin from the nails. When scrubbing natural nails, make sure the electric scrub is on the low settings. Scrubbing the nails at higher settings will cause heat, which can burn your nails. Now let’s move on to another scrub tip. This tip is known as a bubble tip and is usually used to scrub the borders and cuticles of the nails.

This scrub tip is suitable for those with dry skin and cuticles. Now it is time to put mold on the nails. Here, instead of tips, we are going to use formers, which are pieces of paper that look like nail tips. We are going to use a liquid powder, which has a beautiful shine and elegance, especially at night. Apply a layer of primer to the nails, then put the product on the top and shape it using the brush. After the material is dry, use a hand-held scrub to form the borders of the nail.

Now let’s use a medium scrub tip to form and design the material on the nail. This tip has a curved head, which prevents damaging or cutting through the product on the nail. The first thing we are going to do with this tip is to remove the excess material around the cuticles. Using this tip, we can prevent the material we applied to the nail from levitating. After scrubbing the cuticle, continue scrubbing the rest of the nail gently so the product is even across the nail.

Use a medium speed and inspect the nail from different angles so you can scrub the areas that might be uneven. Thank you for watching.

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