How To: Ladder Braid Tutorial

Are you looking to have an unusual yet super pretty braided style? Look no further than creating a ladder braid. This style gives an incredible appearance to the head especially when you are looked at from the sides.


Hello and welcomeToday we're gonna show you a ladder chignonstyle technique. To get started, divide the hair into three sections as you see and make a ponytail in the back. grab the section on the right and split into two equal parts. comb the two parts well and tie them with elastics. hold the elastic in loop and cross the section several times to secure it firmly in place. Then pull with both hands to move the elastic close to the scalp. repeat the same thing for the other part. grab the right section you had tied and as you see divide it into three small strands. Then start braiding it around one middle section. in every pass the middle section is swapped between the rightmost and the leftmost strand.

After making the first knot, separate a tiny strand from the leftmost section before bringing it over the middle section. repeat the same steps to further braid the sections. and don't forget to separate a tiny strand before bringing the left section over. keep doing this till the end of the braid tail. tie the braid tail with an elastic. bring the braid tail next to the ponytail and put a pin to hold it in place there. now grab the tiny strands you had separated and rub them with hands to get smooth. now go over the second section by the ear. divide into three small sections and start braiding it. but for this one, start adding the strands you left aside from the previous braid to each middle section. keep braiding gently as you see in the video.

Continue braiding even after the last tiny strand is added. stop braiding when the it reaches above the nape and tie it with an elastic. make the same ladder braid on the right side of the head. Then gather the right leg of the left ladder with the left leg of the right ladder and secure them together in place with one elastic above the pony tail. bring the remaining two legs of the ladders together and tie them in place with one elastic underneath the ponytail. to further decorate the braid, you can add an embellished hair clip on the ponytail to hide the elastics. Hope you will enjoy doing this model by yourself. Thanks a million for watching.

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