How To: Simple Braid

In this tutorial, we will show you a simple, yet beautiful and useful braid that you can do at home.


Greetings. We’re here with another tutorial from Today we want to show you a simple and yet beautiful and chic braid. I hope you’ll enjoy.

First, use the end of your brush to open the hair from the split section. Separate the hair into two equal parts. Tie the half you don’t want to work on at the moment. Spray the other side with some oil, such as Argan oil. This will simplify your braiding process. After braiding the hair, separate a layer from the front and split it into three parts. Put the layer on the outside through the middle layer. A point worth mentioning is that you can learn how to braid by simply looking at the process and practicing. Looking at different types of braids can help you learn how to do them yourself.

You should know that the size of the braid depends on you. Whether you prefer a thick or thin braid depends on how big the layer of hair you choose is. You can see the method of this braid up close in this video. As you can see we are adding new layers from the side of the head. You should make sure your braid is strong enough and won’t open. Make sure the braid is close to the scalp.

We stop adding new layers to the braid when we reach the neck because we can’t add more layers from the side of the head. We will continue our braid normally and tie the end with a hairband. Now we have to move to the other side. Spray the hair with Argan oil as we did on the other side. Start the braid in the front and make sure it’s strong and tight. Continue like this until the end. In the end, you can pull the braid from the sides to give it more volume. This will help us make the braid more beautiful.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.

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