How To: New Braiding Style

The steps to do this type of braid is as follows:
1- First brush the whole hair properly to remove the tangles, then separate a section from the front part and secure in place with an elastic.
2- Start braiding the hair on the right side of the head. You will need to add different sections of hair from the outside to the braided section.
3- Continue braiding the section and tie the braided hair with an elastic.
4- Start braiding on the left side and do just the same as the one on the right.
5- Backcomb the section you separated on the front and secure it in place in the back with a double-prong clip.
6- Bring the right plait over the clip in the center and hold it in place with a pin.
7- Bring the left plait over the clip and put a pin to hold it still.
8- In spite of the simplicity, it leaves you with a gorgeous style plait look.


Greetings to every one of you dear followers of Rojelab website. Today we're gonna show you a pretty braid style. After brushing the hair well, separate a section from the front and secure it in place with an elastic. begin doing a simple plait from the left side of the head. don't forget to add sections from the outside to the plait. watch carefully how it's done. a simple braid is done at the end of the hair section. repeat the exactly same braiding for the other side of the head.

Be careful to make it tight enough, so it won't get loose. tie the ends of the plaits with elastics. let's go over the front section we had separated at the beginning. first backcomb it a bit and tie it with a double-prong clip. bring the braid ends over the clip and secure it with a pin. bring the left braided section on the clip too and hold it in place with a pin. try to put the pins in a way that they won't be seen in the hair. well, we're done with this braiding item. I hope you've enjoyed watching this tutorial.

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